We meet the second Tuesday of each month from 6:30-8:45 p.m. :: Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
Guild Meetings — September through May :: Summer Camp — June through August

LOCATION: Huntington Woods Public Library :: Woods Gallery, lower level :: 26415 Scotia Rd, Huntington Woods, MI 48070

Bring your knitting and join us for an evening — we’re sure you’ll want to become part of the flock!

Monday, December 3, 2007

December Means. . .

Well, for the guild, it means an annual Charity Kick-Off event! At our meeting next week, Judith will be collecting even more scarves for SOS and will be delighting us with new bags-o-goodies to create for this year's charity focus. Bring a variety of knitting needles so you can have just the right size to cast on next Tuesday. (Or, just bring your current project. . .we're flexible!)

For me, it means knitting like a mad woman to make all of the gifts and random things I feel I MUST have completed for the holidays. . .

I've joined a yarn swap on Ravelry. . .am too excited to see what my secret Santa sends me. . .and am thinking of sending some hand spun yarn to spoil my Santa with.

Always interested in getting hand made items in the mail, I was lucky enough to be the first to sign up for the Pay It Forward exchange hosted by another Ravelry junkie. So, I'll be getting a fantastic surprise in the mail soon. Here's the catch. I need to pay it forward. Want a super duper hand made gift? Be one of the first three to leave a comment, with a commitment to posting somewhere (even if it's the bulletin board at work) and sending 3 gifts to others, and you could be the lucky winner of something fabulous!

c'mon. . .post a comment. Send some gifts. Get a surprise in the mail!

Meanwhile, see you at the Coffee Beanery!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sunday November 25th

Come One, Come All,

We are meeting at Tonya's for a knitting and food (and it is Tonya's Birthday!) at 2:00pm. Email me privately if you need the address. Hope to see you there! Kim

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November Meeting

Hi All,

Just a quick note to remind everyone that Harriet is going to teach us all how to do the Boa Scarf this meeting.You will need a Q Crochet Hook (yes, I said Crochet Hook, as this pattern is Crocheted!) and a couple skeins of bulky yarn. The pattern is called the "Plush Boa" pattern#20170-1 on the Lion Brand website which you can go to and download for free. (please do so as we won't have a lot of copies)

Be sure to look at the previous post to see how generous we are and I am sure will continue to be!

Don't forget the Shop Hop takes place this Saturday, with everyone meeting behind Anderson School at 8:15am, if you want to go there's still time just call Suzanne and let her know to look for you, and be there before they leave.

See everyone Tuesday!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Charity Scarves

Previously the guild has donated 39 scarves to the South Oakland Shelter. I currently have 75 scarves that the guild has knitted, and again we will be donating all scarves to the SOS. Bringing us to a grand total of 114 scarves that have been donated this year. With the weather changing I along with our guild can only assume that they will be gratefully appreciated. This will be an on going charity throughout the year. Thank you to all the generous knitters and keep knitting!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Exciting News!

Kim and Judith are hard at work planning the 2nd annual Spring Retreat. . .the house they're looking at is GORGEOUS and within a 1 1/2 hour drive--MUCH closer than last year. I've got a lead on a teacher that might be willing to join us and give us a dying workshop while we're there. . .exciting stuff is on the way. The committee is looking at early April--so start to save your pennies and clear your calendar!! We'll post links to the house and give you more details when things are finalized!


More and more of us are getting our invites! If you haven't joined, sign up for the waiting list here Linda said she was invited in around a month, so the invites are coming fairly quickly now. Believe me, you don't want to be left out of this REALLY COOL community.

Ann Arbor Fiber Fest

We had several last minute cancellations for this trip--but I went on Sunday with Suzanne and Kate. Met some new friends and spent some money! Pictures are coming soon!

Shop Hop
is coming!! Saturday, November 10 doesn't seem like so far away. . .Kim should be posting details here soon, and Camille will probably send us a reminder. . .see you then!


Sunday, October 21, 2007


If you subscribe to Interweave's Knitting Daily, you've no doubt been reading the data about unfinished objects (UFOs) in each of our stashes. Many of you recall the horrific amount of UFOs that Louise and I had in our stashes last spring during out Lenten challenge to guild members. . . You'd think that after counting 41 in my personal stash, and then stressing about finishing them all, I would have learned my lesson.

Apparently not.

As Ravelry continues to suck my time away, I found myself taking pictures of my UFOs and uploading them to my notebook there. I found 22 projects on needles. . .and now that I think of it, I think there are two more that I never uncovered from the layers of stash they're hidden behind. (We'll ignore that fact, shall we?)

Sally sent a picture this week of her UFOs too. . .I think I counted 18 of them in all (sorry for outing you Sally. . .)

And Kim has some on her Ravelry page that I've NEVER seen, let alone heard of!!

The good news is, that I've been encouraged to complete some of these. Many needed only a bit of knitting or buttons, or a random seam sewn togther. . .not a lot of work. But still, not complete. Here is the result of my diligence in turning these UFOs into a thing of the past. . .

I'm down to 10, if you don't count the 3 in hibernation and the 2 I forgot to count. It's not the destination, but the journey. . .right?

Don't forget to send pictures of your stash, UFOs, or finished objects to me (tanya_tho at yahoo dot com) and I'll post them here, until we're all on Ravelry and can snoop all we want!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

October's Meeting

Hi All

Meeting was full of fun, goodies, info, and skill building! Tanya taught seaming and there were lots of good tips from her and others. Maybe we can all tackle a sweater project this year?

There was info on the two upcoming trips to Ann Arbor Fiber Expo on Sat Oct 27th and the Shop Hop on Sat Nov 10th. If you signed up to go on one of these trips, someone will be calling you as the day gets closer. And if you've had a change of heart and want to go and didn't sign up just leave a comment here and someone will get a hold of you with details (as long as we have your phone number!)

We need someone to step up to the plate and volunteer to be VP of the group for the coming year. It is a two year commitment because the VP then becomes the Pres the following year. It's not as daunting as it sounds, and there are always plenty of people willing to help and committees to take care of things. So how "bout it?? By the Way, YEAH to Kathleen for stepping up to be the new Treasurer as we lose our friend Jennifer to a new home in Chicago. Can you say ROAD TRIP!!!!

At next months meeting Harriet has graciously volunteered to teach the Boa scarf that she has made. You will need a Q Crochet Hook (yes, I said Crochet Hook, as this pattern is Crocheted!) and a couple skeins of bulky yarn. The pattern is called the "Plush Boa" pattern#20170-1 on the Lion Brand website which you can go to and download for free.

We again had some new faces at last months meeting and our numbers are continuing to grow!! We are so happy that you were there, Welcome!

Monday, October 1, 2007

This Just In....

I received a few emails from Sally with information on some fun things going on downtown for knitters:
The DSO has made a special offer to knitters, your very own main floor section and a special price $25.00 (that's a savings of $24.00!) also if you bring your ticket in to City Knits within a week of the concert you get 20% off your purchase! Here is the link for the order form. http://www.cityknits.com/pdfs/DSO%20Knitters%20Order%20Form.pdf

Also this Tuesday (yes, tomorrow) the Knitty Gritty TV show will be videotaping a segment on knitting the People Mover with City Knits from 6-8pm. Sally will be there knitting away in the first car of the Fox 2 People Mover join her if you can, and (maybe) become a star!!!!

And don't forget our very own Sally will be performing in Nightnotes at Hagopian Rugs on Woodward in Birmingham this Friday evening advance tickets are $15.00 and they are $20.00 at the door. Bring your knitting and enjoy beautiful music as you stitch away. Here is the link for ticket info.

I have heard that a good time was had by all that took part in the field trip last Saturday to Mt Bruce Fiber Festival (and lots of purchases made) Many thanks to Chris for taking charge and getting everyone there and back.

There will be another trip next month to the Washtenaw Fiber Fest, details will be given out at next weeks meeting. There will also be info on the Shop Hop on Nov. 10th given out, Suzanne has graciously offered to be in charge of that trip and it promises to be a whirlwind day of fun and shopping!

I have heard from a reliable source, that we had more new members join last month so make sure you say hi to all the new faces! Don't forget to bring swatches with you next week to the meeting we will be learning how to seam. Happy Knitting!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Field Trip

Hi Everyone,
Just a friendly reminder that we have a field trip to Mt Bruce Fiber Fest coming up this Saturday September 29th. Chris Hamel has graciously offered to be the point person on this trip and she will be calling the people who signed up at the last meeting to remind them about times and meeting place etc.
Want to go and didn't sign up? Leave a post in the comment section so we know you are planning on coming; we don't want to leave without you! And then meet Chris at the Anderson Middle School Parking Lot at approx. 8:45am (plans are to leave at 9:00am) Admission is $6.00 plus money for gas to the driver, we can't predict or be responsible for purchases!

Don't forget October's meeting on our new day at our new place: Tuesday October 9th, 7:00pm at the Berkley Community Center. This months meeting will be on seaming so bring some knitted swatches with you to practice on. There will also be information on the field trip to the Washtenaw Fiber Fest in the end of October and the Shop Hop in November.
Whew, lots going on see you there!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Time Flies and Fly Balls

Time honestly does fly. I've completed my first (only half) week of school, and Fall is officially here! That means BSKG meetings are beginning again. You should be receiving a phone call from a board member just as a reminder, but in case you haven't. . .

Guild meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. We've changed from the 3rd Tuesday, just to keep us a little further away from holidays and other busy times. . .

We've moved our meetings to the Berkley Community Center on Robina, just barely South of Catalpa. . .The Community Center has given us a VERY reasonable price for room rental, and have promised not to bump us around from room to room like we were at the middle school last year.

SOOOO. . .our first meeting is THIS TUESDAY at 7pm. See you there!

Fly Balls. . .
Today is the Tigers Stitch and Pitch game. If you've got tickets and want to car pool. . .meet us at Anderson Middle School around 11:45 and we'll share the cost of gas and parking as well as gossip and laugh all the way there and back!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vote for the Coffee Beanery!

The Coffee Beanery is in the running for the Best of Detroit contest at clickondetroit.com

Follow this link, or go to http://www.clickondetroit.com/ to vote (Look on the side bar for vote for the best or something like that. . .). Unfortunetly, it's a two step process. . .vote, then check your email to confirm your vote. . .But do take the time to vote, they've been so gracious and kind to us.

Knitting pictures coming soon!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Totally Off Topic. . .

Well, I never got around to taking pictures of my finished Pi or my blocked Pacific Northwest shawls. . .and I'm 2 clues behind on the MS3. The theme has been revealed, it's Swan Lake. . .ask Kim for the details.

Meanwhile, I'm headed on vacation again, this time to the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. . .my favorite place to spend the 2nd week in August each year. It's a bit like Brigadoon, in that it appears for one week each year only to disappear into the woods for 365 days until it reappears.

While you knit on, here are some pictures of the quilt blocks I made for the community quilt that will be raffled off on Saturday night.

See you next week! For those of you heading to the people mover on Tuesday--have fun!


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Knitting with Grandma

A different sort of post today. . .hope you like it. Pictures of the completed Pi tomorrow (or soon, I promise!)

“I’ve never met you before, but I think I could love you right from the start,” my grandmother said to me in the month before her 96th birthday. I had spent 600 miles knitting in the front seat of a pickup truck as we drove to the upper peninsula of Michigan to see her, and I knew that it was more than a probable chance that she wouldn’t remember me. I had planned the visit to. . .well, I’m not sure why I planned the visit. I just knew, somehow, that it was important for me to see her.

My Grandma had spent weekends with me as I grew up. Every month or two, she’d come and stay with us when she had time off of work. When she came, my bed became hers, and I’d sleep on the floor of my room. In the winter, she’d trace my hand before I left for school in the morning, and half of a pair of mittens would be knitted for me by the time I came home. In the spring, she’d be using up odds and ends of yarn making granny squares for afghans.

I remember, sometime around third grade, my Grandma put knitting needles in my hands for the first time. She carefully showed me how to make a stitch, and then would knit a row for me when the stitches became too tight on the needles. I would balance the needle under my armpit or between my legs, since I couldn’t figure out how to manage holding two sticks and a piece of yarn on my own. Knitting was not, for me, the new yoga. I made tension seem like a death grip. Knitting was not a hobby I’d pursue.

Grandma taught me, too, how to crochet a granny square. My 6 foot, 9 inch father found the granny square blanket (MY granny square blanket) was too short for him to lie under while watching TV. As Grandma crocheted squares to make it longer, my middle school fingers carefully chose rainbows of yarn to make four blocks that were crocheted at a radically different tension than hers, but none-the-less, were the cornerstones of the addition to my afghan. Even today, the 1980’s acrylic rainbow squares are easily identified by my eyes as the ones she included in her multi-colored scrap work.

As an adult, I’d visit my Grandma at her home and we’d play scrabble. Her closet would be filled with 30-50 pair of mittens, hats and baby blankets that would be donated to her church mitten drive each winter. She’d pull them out and show me all of the sizes and colors she’d made. I’d usually be donating a large bag of acrylic yarn to her that I’d found at a garage sale so she could make more.

On one visit she said, “Tanya, I’ve made each of my grandchildren an afghan except you. What colors do you want yours to be? Let’s go and pick out the yarn.” In addition to the functional items and careful use of scrap yarn, my Grandma made “ripple stitch” afghans.

“Grandma, you made me a granny square afghan,” I replied.

“No, I want to make you a GOOD afghan, “ My Grandma pushed.

After long conversation, I convinced her that knitting wasn’t my thing, but that I remembered learning to crochet with her and that was the type of afghan she could make me if she wanted to make me another. On my next visit, I was presented with a granny square afghan. Grandma’s eyes were failing, the traditional black borders were sometimes navy blue, but the work was for me. It reminded me of the time I’d learned to crochet and of the rainbows on the afghan in my cedar chest.

In my mid thirties, the fun fur scarf illness hit. Remembering how to cast on and create a knit stitch from my youth, suddenly, everyone in my life was receiving a scarf for Christmas. Somehow, the tension issues had resolved themselves for me. This “new” craft for me was social, relaxing and SO engaging! I spent hours looking for a pattern for mittens so I could make some “just like Grandma”. My Grandma had been moved into a nursing home, and I hadn’t seen her for years. I knew she was in the beginning stages of dementia, and I’d probably never get to knit with her or learn the lessons of knitting she could have taught me years ago.

Last month, I sat across the table from her and showed her pictures of my youth. I reminded her who my cousins were and pointed out her children in the pictures from the 70’s. I pointed to a picture of her in one of the albums, “I must have been a lot older then,” she told me. She enjoyed looking at the photo albums, but kept eyeing the sock I was knitting as we talked.

“That’s a nice sock.” She said.

“Thanks, Grandma.”

“You know I like to knit too.”

“I know, Grandma, you taught me to knit when I was a little girl.”

“I did?” She asked with surprise, and then turned to the resident sitting next to her and proudly told her, “She says I taught her to knit!”

Grandma showed me her knitting, a small, two inch square that was to be a “scarf for the needy” she told me.

I took a few pictures of us together and had them developed the next morning and carefully wrote the caption, “Mae with granddaughter Tanya, July 2007” at the bottom.

Grandma looked up when I walked in to see her and wanted to know who the pictures were of. She read the caption, but somehow it didn’t register that the picture was of her and I. She read the caption again, and we talked for a few moments.

“I’m going home today—back downstate,” I said, “I love you Grandma.”

“Thank you,” she said, struggling for words, “I’ve never met you before, but I think I could love you right from the start.”

It might be that my Grandma has said that before when lost for words to say to others who express affection to her. My Grandmother turned to her knitting as my eyes filled with tears and I left. Her mind had forgotten me, but her fingers remembered the stitch that she’d done for so many years and her garter stitch scarf began to grow. I think I’m going to imagine that her heart remembered me and said exactly that same phrase to me when she laid eyes on me for her very first time in November of 1969.

“I’ve never met you before, but I think I could love you right from the start.”

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Sorry for the screaming, but it's 5 am and I've been up knitting for awhile. Joanie and the neighbors surely wouldn't appreciate the volume I've pent up, so you get to hear me rant.

I was unable to sleep well and woke up far earlier than my usual "I can't sleep early mornings"--I found out I have no brake lights when Joanie followed me home from the Coffee Beanery last night. I had big plans with a 6 year old this morning that are going to have to be rescheduled so I can resolve the safety issues, so I'm a bit upset. Wondering how a well planned day is going to be messed up can really screw with your sleep schedule, you know?

What does a knitter do when upset? KNIT!

I picked up my Pi shawl and began working on the edging, hoping to get it finished today. I was peacefully listening to some podcasts and making REALLY good progress. A few minutes ago, I picked it up and I could actually see the light at the end of the tunnel! I counted the stitches and I had only (ONLY) 182 stitches left to bind off! That's 18 repeats of 20 rows! NEARLY DONE! Just for kicks and giggles, I went to count how many repeats I'd already done. . .


Found a mistake.

8-10 repeats back.

Right about the place I began knitting this morning.

(Insert scream here.)

Jumped into the pond and frogged. . .

Too bad I didn't just stay in bed and pretend to sleep this morning. At least now I'll have something to do when I'm waiting for my car to be fixed (There's a recall that involves the brake lights that I thought didn't apply to me--why I think I'm immune, I have no idea--you'll be able to find me at the dealer later today. . .)

Hope your knitting goes much better than mine today.

Friday, July 27, 2007

What Kind of Knitter Are You?

I found a quiz on another blog and thought you'd like to take it! Follow this Link.

I'm a "Knitting Adventurer" leave a comment about what you found out that YOU are!

Meanwhile, check out the details for the Michigan State Fair. If you're planning to submit an item, it costs $12 and you can submit up to 10 items. Look through your stash, what do you have completed? What's close to completion? What are you proud of and want to show off? There are small cash prizes and shiny ribbons to be won. . .what do you have to lose?

You need to download, complete and mail in your application by August 1, so get going and get it done! How cool would it be to have lots and lots of things from BSKG at the Fair? All items need to be delivered Aug 11, 12 or 13 (I'll need a volunteer to drop some things off for me, I'll be out of town still) and can be picked up just after Labor Day. I'll try to find out more info about the "Nimble Fingers Knitting Exhibition" Chris won a rosette last year for her speedy knitting! A member of the Royal Oak Knitters is organizing this competition, and she's also willing to help out with any knitting problems you may have with a project you're working on.

Regardless of whether or not you enter items (but you all should. . .) it's a fun place to go and see what other's around the state are making! With the skill of everyone in our guild, we should be able to win ribbons in every category. . .not that I'm competitive or anything!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Lace Happens

I thought that I'd never really be that interested in lace knitting. . .I mean really. Small stitches. Fine Yarn. Slow progress. I'm interested in speed, cranking things out, seeing actual progress.

Imagine my surprise when I found that all I want to knit these days are lace projects and socks! I finished Clue 3 on Friday before we left for the UP. . .here's a pic And Joanie couldn't resist taking a picture of me knitting on vacation. Here I am on the boat cruise to see the Pictured Rocks in Munising. If you haven't been, you really must go, it's worth the trip. As soon as I finished these socks, Joanie had them on her feet.

My Gramma, who has Alzheimer's, kept complimenting me on the nice knitting I was doing and told me these socks should be for a girl. Imagine her surprise when I told her that it was HER that had taught me to knit when I was little. She was proud and bragged of it to a woman sitting near her.
Missed vacation photo opportunities include a trip to an Alpaca Farm (disappointing) and a chance to use a drum carder at a teeny little fiber shop. . .I got to card my own wool into a batt that I'll spin sometime this Summer or Fall.

According to the Elizabeth's Year KAL, I should have been knitting a Pi shawl this month. I really didn't want a circular shawl and thought I'd substitute the Pacific Northwest Shawl instead. After looking at the progress everyone has made on their Pis. . .I want one bad! I made myself promise I'd bind off the first shawl before casting on a new one. . .and promised I'd wait to begin Clue 4 on MS3 until I was halfway into the body of the Pi. . .oh the deals I make with myself!

As I write, the Pacific Northwest shawl is soaking in wool wash, and will be pinned to my futon this afternoon. In the meantime, here's a picture of it unblocked. (Do you like the glamorous on location shot? I thought you might be board of the ironing board and my wood floors!)

I've heard that Judith did some damage at the Heritage sale this weekend. . .can't wait to see her spoils!

An email confirmed that Sally's skirt washed beautifully and has already been worn--what and her birthday still a month away!

Kim is making good headway on her (much finer and lacier) MS3. . .and hoping to be "caught up" in 2 weeks when clue 5 hits the Internet. So stop calling and tempting her to go out and shop will you? She needs knitting time! She's fallen so hard for lace knitting that she's planning to purchase ALL of Melanie's patterns and knit ALL of the shawls and stoles! Not only that, but I've been told that countless hours have been spent looking at pictures of MS3 online. . .Kim, do we need to plan an intervention??

The BSKG board has been considering moving the day of our meeting from the 3rd Tuesday to the 4th. . .any issues with this? We'd also like to move our meetings to the Community Center. . .Kim and I are coordinating a visit later this month.

Having fallen victim to not only lace knitting, I've discovered podcasts this month. . .check out the Cast-on podcast if you haven't yet. . .I give it a thumbs up, and I think you'll like it too.

And lest you think I forgot, Joanie actually picked the winner of the caption contest. Since everyone who posted a caption in local, I'll bring your prize on Tuesday to the Coffee Beanery! See you there!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Clue 2 is done. . .now I wait until Friday for Clue #3.

Any guesses about the theme yet?

"Speed Knitting"

Ever seen anyone knit so fast they needed a helmet to protect themselves?
Or maybe, the helmet is to protect themselves from the head bashing you do when you've made a REALLY big mistake and need to frog. . .

A skein of sock yarn is waiting for the person with the most witty (in my opinion) caption for this pix. Make a comment and I'll choose the winner next Thursday when I come home from the UP.
Thanks to Coralee for the picture! (oh how I wonder what sort of crazy pictures of me she may have stored on her camera. . .)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So, here it is. . .a picture of the Week 1 directions completed.My photography skills are sorely lacking. . .and if you can believe it, this is the BEST picture of THREE that I took while it was pinned on the ironing board! I did steam it while it was there and it seems to be holding that blocking reasonably well. . .if you see it in person you can judge for yourself.

Apparently, July is the month of lace for me. As Kim suggested, I'm easily swayed. . .and I've been listening to the Knitpicks podcast lately. On the podcast, Kelly suggested a year long knitalong following Elizabeth Zimmermann's Almanac. (Yes, I've signed up for that too. . .) In July, the project is a shawl based on the number Pi. It makes a lovely, and simple round shawl--that could be modified in a million ways. While that does appeal to me, I'm not sure I want a round shawl.

So, on July 1, I cast on a Fiber Trends shawl and am busy working on the lace edging. Hopefully I'll have it finished and blocked soon. (I suppose that means I need to chill out on MS3, though, doesn't it?)

Meanwhile, Sally brought her lace linen skirt to The Coffee Beanery last week, and I have a variation of that on needles too...

All I can say is that I'm glad I'm a teacher and have the summer off!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Who's In?

I've had this fantastic idea for a post floating around in my head for awhile, but life has just been busy. I was actually shocked when I saw that it had been since May (MAY!) since there was any new info posted here. Sorry.

I thought I'd write long prose about how fantastic this Spring was for our Guild. I was going to write lovely things about my trip to Toronto. . .
How Fantastic our Retreat was. . .

(Honestly, it was TONS of fun. . .don't let this picture throw you off! Start saving your pennies for next year!)

Go on and on about how I loved the Stash Swap and Sale at our last meeting. . .(Sorry, I forgot my camera for this one, but trust me, we all enhanced our stashes while getting rid of some major amounts of yarn we didn't want.)

Talk about my knitting a top especially for Prom. . .(you'll have to imagine us not on our sides. . .and BOTH of these are hand knit tops, Gloria's was her first sweater!)
Share all of the wonderful things about the Shop Hop we went on in Lansing. . .
Have a finished "do-over" top to show you (now I'm just ripping it out all together, it's a long story. . .)

Brag a bit about all of the socks I've knit. . .I think I'm on 17 or 18 since January. . .
Tell you some things about my weekend at Insel Haus with Christa. . .
But honestly? All I want to do is work on this.

Kim sucked me in without even trying. . .Who else is in?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

For Harriet

Harriet was a bit pushy on Tuesday night and began harrassing and harumphing about how long it's been since we've posted. . .This post is for her. (Actually, it's good that she gave me a bit of a push to get my act in gear and get back in the swing of things!)

Most of the BSKG Board met last night and began to wrap things up from our 1st successful year, and we began to look forward to programming and planning for next fall. (I haven't even gotten my first sunburn of the season, and we're already thinking about September! It's hard for me to wrap my head around.) We'll share some of the details with you next week at our last meeting for the 2006-07 year.

Just because we're heading into our last meeting, doesn't mean there's not a TON of fun planned for the summer. Kim has led us in some AWESOME field trips and retreats, and she's got more up her sleeve for the summer. Next up is a trip to Lansing and ThreadBear Fiber Art Studio as well as Rae's Yarn Boutique. Both have great selections of yarn, interesting samples and knowledgeable staff to help us spend our money. ThreadBear publishes a weekly email newsletter that includes links to free patterns. If you don't have time to surf the net on your own, you'll want to sign up for it. . .lots-o-knitting eye candy will come right to your mailbox!

Our May meeting is this Tuesday. We'll be having a light dinner of sandwiches and salad catered by The Coffee Beanery. (Cost for dinner is $12, please RSVP by this weekend so we have a close count. . .you can pay at the meeting if you haven't yet)

We'll also be having our first annual "Swap and Sale". The event is intentially loosely planned hoping to encourage creativity and fun. We want our members to clean out their stashes and bring those yarns, patterns, needles and knitting bags for us to oogle and perhaps go home with. The pricing is completely up to you. Some of us may want to recoup some of the money we spent on the yarn, others may simply want to swap it for something else. The choice is up to you! There will be conference tables set up in the hallway, we'll be eating in the Home-Ec room. Come prepared to barter, haggle, swap and perhaps hand over some cash. Hopefully, we'll go home with some new treats to dream of knitting. As always, Judith can collect yarn you want to donate for charity knitting if you have some.

I'll even throw in a prize for the ugliest item (as voted on by members). . .now if that isn't a challenge, I don't know what is!

Glad to be back,
Pictures next time. Promise.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Guild Retreat Weekend is finally here!

Louise here... I think we all understand (and sympathize with) what its like to have technology issues. My very old laptop finally fell off its last legs and I bought a new one. Can I tell you how much I hate the new Microsoft OS - Vista? Nothing works easily or first time. All right already! enough about that, let's talk about knitting!

The Guild Retreat is coming up this weekend. We're heading up to Traverse City for what promises to be a fabulous weekend. A beautiful house in a great location, scheduled workshops, opportunities for fellowship, shopping, and lots of fun. And of course lots and lots of knitting! Thanks to Kim for all her efforts in planning this wonderful event and to everyone else who has helped make it happen.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lacking Technology, but not yarn!

Can I tell you all how frustrating it is to be without a computer??? I've been on vacation this week, so it hasn't hurt quite as much, but even at school I can't update the blog. . .sorry it's been so long! (Louise, thanks for updating and keeping us current!)

I headed to Toronto this week and did some serious yarn shopping! When I have the camera next to the computer I'll post a couple of pictures from Lettuce Knit, a cute little yarn shop packed with beautiful yarn. I'm not sure if there are pictures at Romni Wools or not, but they gave me a 10% discount by showing my guild membership card! How cool is that? Needless to say, I left more than a couple of dollars the other side of the border. Unfortunetly, as of April 1 Canada no longer reimburses the GST or PST or whatever tax they used to. . .so I kept diligent track of my reciepts for NOTHING! I have lots and lots of beautiful yarn for show and tell soon! Actually considered buying an extra suitcase to pack it all to bring home. Thank heavens that Lent is over and I can cast on again. . .(okay so I cheated and cast on before Easter, but now I can do it without guilt!)

Our guild meeting this month should be extra fun. . .we have a guest speaker coming to discuss fiber with us. Ann, from The Knitting Room in Birmingham, will join us to help us understand how fiber is created, how it is best used and to generally raise our knitting IQ. She's also bringing a donation of a fabulous raffle prize and will be providing us with a special shopping day just for guild members. She owns a beautiful shop with gorgeous sample garments, if you haven't been there, you'll want to put a trip there on your calendar!

Gifted (located in Beaumont) has a special event they wanted to let us know about. . .this is from Suzi. . .sounds like fun! anyone in?

Want to let you know that Ann Hood, the author of The Knitting Circle, is going to be here to sign books and speak.The event will be held in the South Tower Concourse on Friday, April 20th, from 11:30 to 1:00 p.m.
If you want more info about her, let me know and I'll send the article that was written for the Free Press.
The book is wonderful.

More on the Yarn Harlot visit

Sadly, all the pictures taken with Tanya's camera came out all black - but not to worry...

Those who stayed to the bitter end got our picture taken up on stage during the book signing. Thanks to Camille who stood in line with all our books.

Here's the picture of us from the Yarn Harlot's blog.

Wow, that's me actually holding THE SOCK! I'm so proud.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

No Foolin' on April 1st

The Guild’s trip to Ann Arbor to hear Stephanie Pearl McPhee, the Yarn Harlot was a great success – thanks and congratulations to Kim for planning such a wonderful outing. An informal headcount showed that 17 of us made the trip.

Sunday morning was very foggy and the YH had major airline difficulties – she arrived at 4:30 for a 2:00 speech. But here’s the amazing thing – almost no one left. The room was SRO plus there were an additional 175 people in the overflow room. When the delay was announced, folks just dragged their chairs into little groups and settled down for an unexpected opportunity to knit and socialize.

Knitters are truly an amazing group. We met some very cool people. We had a great time. Oh, and the YH is funnier and more heartwarming in person than she is in her very wonderful blog – check it out http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/.
We got our picture taken with the YH and the sock but sadly they didn't come out. But she did sign all our books - I felt like such a groupie.

Her publicist took a picture of my nametag (!?) because it had the blog's url on it - hmmm. We made sure they knew that more than half our guild members were there and they seemed pretty impressed. How exciting would it be to be mentioned on the YH's blog? We'd be, well, like famous - for a minute or so.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Meeting Tuesday

Tomorrow's meeting begins at 7pm. We'll be at Anderson Middle School, but in the Home Ec room instead of the Media Center. (From the parking lot, walk to the end of the hallway and look to your left before turning right as you would to go to the Media Center--or just listen for the talking and laughing knitters. . .) Our program for the evening will be focusing on business. . .we've got some loose ends to catch before our fast growth pulls us in directions we don't want to go. Put on your thinking caps and be ready to participate by sharing your ideas of how to make our guild an even better place.

I've been asked by a few friends recently, "How do I join?" Just bring a check for $35 to the meeting and we'll help you out. . .and you too can participate in all of the fun we have in the works for this spring and summer!

We have 7 people registered for the retreat, don't forget to bring your deposit if you're interested in going. We have supply lists and details for those who are registered. If you're planning on going and want to take the workshops, pick up a copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop and one of Cat Bordhi's magical knitting books and you'll have most of your supplies ready to go.

Quite a few of us are planning the Yarn Harlot trip, see the previous post for details, and join us for a fun day! See her blog for details, but Stephanie is hoping knitters will "represent". Bring a hat to donate to a local shelter if you want to stand up and have knitters as a group be noticed by the "muggles" who don't seem to think we're a group to be taken seriously.

If you've recieved your new issue of Cast On magazine, turn to page 54 and check out the Lacy Brichoe Top and page 81 (in the advertising section). Kristin Omdahl, a local designer and Black Sheep guild member, has a both a pattern featured and stunning lace shawl in the Alpaca Yarn Company ad. Check out her website for more beautiful designs. Kristin is teaching a workshop at Skeins on Main at the end of March, hopefully we can get her to teach a mini-lesson for us at guild soon!

If you missed knitting at the Coffee Beanery lately, you may have missed this:

Greg seemed flattered that we'd remember him and pleased with our gift. What a beautiful afghan created by so many of our hands. My mom used to have a t-shirt that said, "I'm greater than the sum of all my parts" and when I look at this blanket, I think that may be true of us as well. We have so many talented knitters in our midst, but when all of our work is placed together, we create something even more beautiful than one of us could create on our own. I think about this afghan, our nearly 80 scarves and all of the people we taught at Knit Michigan. . .we are a powerful bunch.

With that in mind, Camille sent this to us. . .consider contribuiting your handiwork to the cause.

The Michigan's Women’s Foundation is having their 2007 Women of Achievement and Courage Awards ceremony on May 16, 2007 at the GM Wintergarden. The cost of the affair is $150.00, which may be a little steep, however we can still contribute to the evening by donating knitted articles for the silent auction. I suggest we compile a basket of knitted creations on behalf of the BSKG. This way we have an opportunity to be part of this wonderful event along with getting some recognition for the Guild.
Email blacksheepnewsletter@hotmail.com with any questions or suggestion.

See you tomorrow!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Cupcakes and Trippin'

If you've checked your email lately, you have the details that follow, but scroll down for the cupcakes. . .

Kim has been hard at work planning some trips for the Black Sheep Knitting Guild Members! I know you'll all be excited to be a part of them, so sign up now! Put some fun knitting adventures on your calendar! If you're not a member, all it takes is a minute and $35 to join and be able to enjoy member benefits, see Jennifer or Camille at the Coffee Beanery or at our next meeting at Anderson Middle School on March 20.

The Yarn Harlot
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is coming to Ann Arbor on April 1. Don't miss this opportunity to hear one of the funniest knitting authors speak. We'll be leaving from the Anderson parking lot at 10:15 am, caravaning to Ann Arbor, eating lunch and then hitting at least one yarn shop on the way home. We should be home around dinner time. Your cost is NOTHING! You will need to bring money to purchase lunch and yarn if you're interested, and it would be kind to contribute a few dollars toward the driver's gas. If you're interested in attending, please RSVP to blacksheepnewsletter@hotmail.com so that we can get a handle on how many people are interested and how many drivers we need. If you're willing to be a driver, please include that in your RSVP.

Kniting Retreat!
We'll be heading to Traverse City on Friday afternoon April 27 and staying until Sunday afternoon April 29. We've reserved a beautiful home with plenty of space for all of us and have planned a relaxing and (somewhat) educational weekend. For a mere $150 you'll be able to eat, knit and relax among friends. $50 Deposits are needed by March 20 (our next meeting). You can write checks to: The Black Sheep Knitting Guild and hand them to Kim, Tanya or Jennifer at the Coffee Beanery or send them to BSKG c/o 2483 Tyler Ave., Berkley, MI 48072

Two workshops will be offered, one on mobieus cast on and knitting, the other on two handed fair isle. Supply lists will be given to registrants after March 20. We'll also have the opportunity to visit a fabulous yarn store in the area if you're interested. Five meals, workshops, snacks and lodging are included in your registration fee. . .and goodie bags for those attending are in the works! Sign up now and confirm your space!

And still more. . .
Kim has plans for a Lansing trip in early June including stops at Rae's Yarn Boutique and Threadbear as well as a trip to Skeins on Main in Rochester. Looking ahead to the fall, she's made contacts with Rose, of Indigo Rose and they are cooking up a special workshop just for us! The benefits of membership just keep growing!
Looking forward to seeing you at the Coffee Beanery or our next meeting. . .--Tanya and Louise

And now, the cupcakes. . .Coralee's grandson LOVED the three knitted cupcakes on my Lenten UFO list. . .here's a picture from her daughter!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

March and April Socks

I'm a month ahead on my New Year's Resolution. . .March and April socks are here! I'm working on a pair from my unfinished pile that are a grey and black lace pattern, but I don't like them too much. The leg is a bit tight for me, so they'll wind up being for Joanie. I've decided that when I finish them, I really can't call them my May socks, since they won't be for me--I don't think you can see it in the picture, but on the tan socks, I had to rip and re-start and didn't do it properly. Technically, I should have wound the already knitted yarn into a hank, soaked it in some wool wash and then hung it to dry. That would have taken the kinks out of the yarn and would have allowed my knitting to look smoother. Because these are more utilitarian, and less heirloom, I thought it wouldn't matter so much. In a something I cared about, I would certainly take the time to wash before re-knitting. The kinks in the yarn may effect gauge and that portion of your knitting would just not be "right". I figure these socks are going to be washed a lot and the stitches will wiggle their way into looking okay. . .and then they'll have holes in them, so I didn't spend the time.

Louise sent a list of her UFOs. . .she's not nearly as bad as I am, she only had around 20 on the list, but she's worked through a good portion of them. Unfortunately for her, she has quite a few large projects to complete that should take her well into next year. . .Louise, this is me taunting you. . .how 'bout no new projects 'till they're ALL done?

How about the rest of you? I know Sally has joined in, but afraid to post her UFO list. As you saw yesterday, she's made tremendous progress on her fair isle sweater. . .I'm waiting for pictures from Kim, she's working fast and furious on her Baby Albert (Einstein) sweaters. . .Who else has pictures to share? email them and I'll post them! We want show and tell!
No one has weighed in on the sweater question from this weekend. . .bummer.

Monday, March 5, 2007


Sally and I have a class together at Heritage Spinning and Weaving. . .here's what she sent me after class yesterday. Keep an eye on Joan's blog for more pictures. . .

Hi to all you knitters! I cut my sweater today and started the first sleeve...I was nervous and the scizzors were shaking! but, i did it and hopefully will beging knitting the sleeve tomorrow...I am also modeling a new sweater that I started a year ago and just finshed this week...from now on I am going to stick with a project until it is finished before I start anything new....happy knitting....sally

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Bursting at the Seams

What a great meeting we had on Tuesday! We had several new faces that joined us and made our small space in the media center feel like we were bursting at the seams! Our time at Knit Michigan seems to have generated some interest in our group as several of the guests heard about us for the first time there. Katie and Barbara both did some recruiting of their own and brought two new friends with them. . .(Katie talked us up while shopping at Jo-Ann's!) We're always glad to be inspired by what others are knitting, and fresh perspectives are always welcomed. Members, if you see someone KIPing (Knitting in Public) invite them to join us! Take a few flyers from a meeting and keep them in your purse so you can point folks to our blog, or post flyers at the stores you shop at. . .all of the publicity you can provide for us will help our group grow.

If you are considering joining, please remember that membership benefits include our meetings where we have some interesting technique or information that will increase your skills, a subscription to Cast On magazine as well as periodic discounts or shopping days at local yarn stores (we're currently scheduling days at The Knitting Room and Beaumont).

We missed several regulars, I hope that not everyone was sick (hope you're feeling better Chris) and that the change in schedule just was a bit of a conflict this month. (Phyllis, we're sorry we missed you, but hope your Red Hat meeting was fun!)

Again, I am amazed at the generosity of our members. Judith took home 43 scarves for SOS. That brings our total up to 79 scarves that we've donated! We will continue to collect scarves at each meeting, so if you're between projects and looking for a quick project, knit a scarf! Washable yarn is preferred--Coralee and Judith always have some at our meetings or you can pick some up at your local yarn store--or out of your stash! We'll have small door prizes for the prettiest scarf and the person who donates the most again in March. . .get knitting!

Louise and I are making good progress on our UFOs (unfinished objects). My New Year's resolution socks are being finished faster than ever since I can't jump between projects. . .I'll post pictures of my March and April socks (both pairs completed) later this week. It's a great feeling to watch my list get smaller, but increasingly hard not to cast on something new. I'm interested to know what you think about this. . .I have a sweater that I've decided not to complete as the style just won't be flattering on me (I don't know what I was thinking when I began knitting it. . .). I plan to rip it out and eventually make a different desgin. Do you think beginning that new design counts as casting on during lent?