Guild meets the second Tuesday of each month, September through May, from 7-9 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Our Shepherd Lutheran Church, 2225 East Fourteen Mile Road, Birmingham, Michigan. see a map »

Bring your knitting and join us for an evening — we’re sure you’ll want to become part of the flock!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Januarary Meeting

January 2017!! The snow, freezing rain and monsoon did not keep the Black Sheep at home! We had a wonderful group of knitters.

I would like to introduce myself, Dorinda B, the new guild blogger along with Kathy S. I will be popping around the room at every meeting to get as many pictures as I can. So most likely, you will never see me in a post! Also let me know if there are things you would like to see included in the blog.

We celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Black Sheep Guild, albeit a few months late. The cake was fabulous!

Kathy S did the ceremonial passing of the baton to Tracey, our new President! Well, they were actually size 50 needles. So appropriate.


Kim and Tanya had some wonderful ideas for the 2017 Sneaky Sheep. I have already signed up!
Please check your email for the info on all the details. Check out the tab at the top of the blog with all the sneaky sheep info. 

Our guest Speaker was Sam, one of the owners from The Yarn Stop in Clawson


25 South Main Street Clawson MI 48017 US
+1 (248) 808-6630

Sam was an excellent speaker and a passionate knitter. 
Please check out The Yarn Stop for some great classes

Show & Share. I am always so amazed at the talent in the BSG! 
WOW you all know how to rock the needles!

Here is a list of up coming events. I will try to make a tab at the top of the page for EVENTS.

Winter Fleece Fair
Feb 18, 2017 Saturday 10 - 4
Beach Middle School
445 Mayer Drive
Chelsea, MI 48118

Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat
Feb 16-19

Madison Knit In
March 17-19, 2017

Winter Wine & Wool 
 Sandhill Crane Vineyard
4724 Walz Rd, Jackson, MI

Until next month, Keep Stitching!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December Black Sheep Guild Meeting

Kathy Stasys

Although our December meeting was moved from the 13th to the 6th, we had a great  turnout for the evening. Thank goodness as we missed the big snow storm and Arctic air that came the following week.

Much happened in our November guild elections thanks to so many willing to take on the various tasks involved in the BSKG. Here are the election and new volunteer results:

Vice-President: Kate P.

Membership Secretary: Harriet A

Treasurer: Diane D.

Sneaky Sheep: Tanya T. and Kim W.

Blog Mistress: Dorinda B.

Stitch and Pitch: Barb C. who will work with anyone else who is interested

Retreat: Kitty C., Linda D. Kelley G., Pat K., Rita P., Sarah T.

Monthly Knit Along: Noreen S.

Each of these women new to a position brings with her exciting ideas for the Guild's coming year. Congratulations and thank you!

During the December meeting, the BSKG addressed one of its primary goals: education to improve  knitting skills.

Tanya T., a Master Knitter and great teacher, demonstrated how to knit with two yarns in two hands. While at first it would seem to be a fumbling experiment for disaster, Tanya patiently led us through the steps to learning a new (for many) technique. She held up numerous hats as examples of implementing two/yarn, two/hand knitting, and she explained how to create different effects through different choices. Beautiful work!

We can anticipate some interesting Sneaky Sheep ideas when she and Kim launch the 2017 version  in January.

If any of you have gone to the The Yarn Stop in Clawson, you probably met Sam. He is going to be our guest speaker at the January meeting.

My Holiday gift to you is an article from The New York Times about knitting. We know what they say is true!

Happy Holidays and Happy Knitting!

Monday, November 28, 2016

November Guild Meeting

November Black Sheep Guild Meeting

 by Kathy Stasys

November is always an important month for the Guild members as it is the time that we vote for the new vice-president. And we did!

Unlike many previous years, this election had three women who put their names forward. Luckily, our process is far less contentious than the national election of 2016.  Thanks to Diane D., Vangie A., and Kate P. for their willingness to take on the VP position.

And no, you can't find out now who won. That big announcement comes at the December meeting.


November is also the month you find out who your friends are in the guild. Someone is likely to steal a great item right from under your nose. The Brown Bag Swap also proves that old adage about judging a book (or bag) by its cover. Many members brought in a knitting related item packaged in a brown bag to swap by a time honored lottery system. Of course, many members also stole someone else's bag if the contents appealed to them. That's when you learn who your friends are.


Happy Thanksgiving to all. Don't forget that that just the December meeting has been moved to the first Tuesday of the month.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Black Sheep in the Autumn

Wouldn't these colors make a beautiful scarf?

First, apologies for the delayed and deferred blog postings. Computer problems: operator and machine.

In September the Black Sheep welcomed Alex and his mother, Nicole. He is a 4th grade student who is a most remarkable young man. He saw a need in the Oxford and Lake Orion School Districts and enlisted his mother's help. Alex recognized that many students did not have enough to keep them warm in the winter; it was his idea to provide knit scarves for 17 schools. He asked his mother to knit if he could find the yarn. (She learned how to knit to help him out!)

The Black Sheep Guild members were more than happy to spend some of their summer knitting for his great cause.

BSKG knit a variety of scarves for Alex