Guild meets the second Tuesday of each month, September through May, from 7-9 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Our Shepherd Lutheran Church, 2225 East Fourteen Mile Road, Birmingham, Michigan. see a map »

Bring your knitting and join us for an evening — we’re sure you’ll want to become part of the flock!

Monday, March 16, 2015

March Meeting

A lively flock of sheep were in attendance for the March meeting and there was one guest. 

Charli Osborne, events coorinator, announced two up-coming events happening this month.  Black Swamp Fiber Fair in Bowling Green Ohio and the other Fiber Expo in Ann Arbor.  Car pooling will be available for both events.  Hope to see a whole large flock of black sheep at both. 
Sign up for the Retreat, May 15 – 17, 2015, is in full swing.  You can still sign up at the April meeting. A weekend with fellow sheep in the north woods at the MacMullan Conference Center, what could be more fun than that. 

Of course, Chris Hamel, as always, did a good job herding the raffle with a  help from Linda Francisco. 

Donors were Donna Mrozek and Charli Osborne. The winners were:  Rita Perrone, Audrey Helou, Kathy Rasmussen,  Merritt Collins, Sheila Elliott, Ernestine  Bains, Heather Perrone, Mary Curran and Harriet Atlas.
Erica Owens did a trunk show, lots of fun stuff. Hats and cowls and other wonderful things. 

Not to mention a special hat called Saint Padraig, a pattern available on ravelry designed by non-other than Tanya Thomann, one of the founding members of our guild.  A collaboration between Tanya, Erica with help from Kate Pultz.   BSKG members truly rocks. 

Donna Mrozek did a slide show presentation, Ravelry  - Focus on Pictures and Kate Pultz helped with how to up load pictures on your stash. Kate also helped people load pictures of stash onto Ravelry.  Fun program!
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Next month’s meeting -  Sneaky Sheep, elfster picked a sheepie, participants pick a pattern and have been busy knitting a surprise gift  Even if you are not particating in Sneaky Sheep it is fun to see what everyone has made for their choosen sheep.  Also, Judith Davis will be annouceing the charity knit for next year, she will have kits available.  You will not want to miss this fun filled meeting.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February Meeting

February’s meeting was a fun, informative and crafty meeting. We had two guests and one new member joining us.

Events/field trip coordinator Charli Osborne is gearing up for the fiber show spring season. Be sure to check out the signup sheets for carpooling at the meetings and the blog for more information. Hope you join us for the first trip to Black Swamp Spinners Guild Market Day & Fiber Fair in Bowling Green Ohio. Carpooling is a really great way get acquainted with other members of the flock, not to mention a ton of fun. Oh, and did I say lunch; we all meet up in town for lunch.

Retreat committee is busy planning yet another fun packed event. The flock will be at MacMullan Conference Center the second weekend in May, a weekend of knitting with other Black Sheep, fabulous door prizes, a bonfire, walks to the lake and in the woods and a ton of fiber fun. Another way to bond with fellow sheep while having a great relaxing time.

Raffle chair, Chris Hamel, had many lovely prizes to raffle off.
Prizes were donated by Linda Doros, Donna Mrozek, Katy Koelb, Mary Moylan, Helga McCann, and Pat Kreiling. The happy winners were Sue Sullivan, Kelley Glancy, Kim Whelen, Ann Tomlinson, Valerie Koyl, Karen Sanders, Mary Jo Pilat, and Joan Koelsch.

Judging Knitting at the State Fair was the topic of the talk given by Pat Kreiling. Pat judged the knitted items at the Michigan State Fair before it was closed. She explained what a knit judge did and did not do and had some very quirky stories about some of her experiences. Thanks Pat, you did a terrific job!

To wrap up the evening there were crafts stations, always a fun thing

needle felting

beaded markers

knitted pins

Of course there was Show and Share


Next month, we will learn more about Ravelry and have a trunk show by Erica Owens. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Very Frigid January BSKG Meeting

January 2015 -  The flock came out in droves on a very bitter cold evening for a very busy, entertaining and informative meeting.  Our flock is the best, ever! 

The Cast Off of the former president, Harriet Atlas, and Cast On of the new president, Donna Mrozek, started off the night.  
Joan Sheridon, chair for Knit Michigan and owner of Heritage Spinning and Weaving gave an informative talk about Knit Michigan. The charity provides support to Michigan cancer patients and their families.

Tanya Thomann, one of the founding members of our guild, gave a  fun packed quiz utilizing our I-phones.  The Q&A's were about the history of the guild.

Both speakers did a fabulous job.

Charity head, Judith Davis, reported that 138 newborn and a few preemie hats were delivered to Providence Hospital and greatly appreciated.  Thank you everyone.
To all the sheep who made the cure little hats,
thank you!
Sneaky Sheep Swap, S3.7, a secret gift exchange, is up and running. The theme is Winter Woolies.  Let the fun begin. Check your email for the link to Elfster and sign up!

The retreat committee will be forming to plot the fun and games for 2015 BSKG Retreat. The retreat will be held at The Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center, May 15 - 17. 
Not to mention fabulous door prizes,
did we say fabulous door prizes
(door prizes from a previous retreat)
The raffle was put together by Chris Hamel:  The prizes were donated by  Mary Moylan.  And the winners were Charli Osborne, Noreen Slank, Ann Tomlinson, Karen Zwicker, Sue Wade, Karen Sanders, Michele Dagenais and Audrey Helou.

Our next meeting will be held on February 10th.  Our speaker, Pat Kreiling, will speak about judging knitting at the State Fair.

Hope to see you all on February 10th.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

December Meeting

a flock of sheep showed up
for the December meeting

BSKG is proud to announce, the VP for 14/15 will be, drum roll please, Kathy Stasys. It was a close race between two wonderful candidates:both Merritt Collins and Kathy were great choices for the job.

The raffle was put together by Chris Hamel.
The prizes were donated by Noreen Slank, Kathy Rasmussen and Rita Perrone.  And the winners were Joan Koelsch, Earnestine Bains, Suzanne Sullivan, Heather Perrone, Sue Waid, Valerie Koyl and Chris Hamel. 

A large swift donated by Marie Woodcox was won by Noreen Slank in a special raffle.
Sneaky Sheep Swap, No. 7, S3.7, secret gift exchange, was explained by Harriet Atlas. This is how it works.  We will give a link to Elfster for you to sign up. Elfster will choose for you a sheep, you will make a gift for them. Once you know who you are making it for, you may ask them any questions you wish using Elfster, likes, dislikes, color, style, etc.  You will know who you have, but you will not know who has your name.  The theme this year is Winter Woolies.

Thank you, Pat Kreiling, for a marvelous trunk show.
Tee shirts, swag, were passed out.
It’s that time again, the retreat committee will be forming in January, so we will be looking for members to help make this an awesome event.  Come on and join us. Serious recruiting for this committee will be during our January meeting.  Duties for committee members are not difficult and it leads to a wonderful retreat in May.  Ask anyone who has attended.

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