We meet the second Tuesday of each month from 6:45-8:45 p.m. :: Doors open at 6:15 p.m.
Guild Meetings — September through May :: Summer Camp — June through August

NEW LOCATION: Lower Level :: Huntington Woods Library, 26415 Scotia Rd, Huntington Woods, MI 48070

Bring your knitting and join us for an evening — we’re sure you’ll want to become part of the flock!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Black Swamp field trip

Six members of the Black Sheep Knitting Guild headed out lastSaturday morning to see what the Black Swamp Spinners Guild was all about by attending their 24th annual show in Bowling Green, OH. There was loads of yarn available and plenty of raw fleece. The Black Sheep helped boost theBlack Swamp economy!

The next stop was Sylvania, OH, where they invaded the Uptown Fibers Shop. Open since last October, it's owned by Jackie Goff and is filled with an abundance of samples to support the yarns and patterns. Our fearless sheep hadn't exhausted their desire to shop!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

field trip....

Black Sheep - we have a field trip planned for this Saturday, March 28. We're going to Bowling Green, Ohio (less than 2 hour trip) for the Black Swamp Spinners Guild Market Day & Fiber Fair. There are lots of vendors who will be there, including many from Michigan (including Briar Rose Fibers). It should be a really good fair. There will be yarn galore for sale (don't let the "fiber" in the fiber fair scare you off if you don't spin).
Please contact Harriet for more information through Ravelry [ bloomgirlknits] or make a comment here. We're meeting at 8 am in the Anderson Middle School parking lot

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wednesday knitting

A message from Dawn Lemon: "a group of us are starting to knit at the Panera Bread on Grand River (between Farmington & Drake Roads) on Wednesday evenings. Folks are planning on around 6:30-ish, but some might be earlier. Hopefully we’ll get a decent turnout.

Monday, March 23, 2009

sister act

did ewe know that Barb McAuliffe & Linda Seley are sisters?

what was your first project? When?
Barb: a pink hat made under the guidance of my dear Aunt Eleanor when I was in third grade.
Linda: a Christmas present, in the 70s, for my boyfriend [now my husband]....7 feet long (not counting fringe). I believed the longer, the more you showed your love.

what was your most difficult project?
Barb: a lovely berry red sweater. It was my 2nd project & was made when I lived *down under*. I needed every bit of instruction from my Aussie mum, Olive Spenser.
Linda: after that scarf, I didn't pick up knitting again until about a year ago when I decided I wanted to learn to make socks. Going from a rectangle to socks was a challenge.... I wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of Black Sheep.

what was/is your favorite project?

Barb: making items for my grandaughters, Sabrina & Hannah. I've just started a couple of scarves with patterns that are more involved for me & I'm excited I understand the stitches I've knitted.
Linda:my favorite at any moment is the one on my needles at that time. Perhaps it's because I haven't knit that many things, or maybe because I enjoy thinking of the person who will receive it or the challenge of trying something new.

salty or sweet?
Barb: usually sweet but nuts are right up there....
Linda: do you have to choose? I prefer eating them together, such as having mixed nuts with a piece of chocolate. Guess that's why nutty M and Ms are my favorite candy.

tell us something interesting about yourself....
Barb: my husband and I lived in Australia for 4 years. We first went camping there.
Linda: I like traveling & exploring new places.

aside from knitting, what are you passionate about?
Barb: I love being outdorra.... it can be as simple as sitting by the pond at lunch, golfing, x-country skiing or being on a cruise ship.
Linda: I love being outside & being active. I especially enjoy hiking, biking & kayaking.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Blocking and things.

If you missed the meeting last week, you missed a wonderful lesson on "blocking" by Marilyn from Ewe-nique Knits.

On Saturday it looked like the Black Sheep were having a meeting in her store in Royal Oak. We really appreciate your advice, Marilyn.

Later on Saturday, Suzanne Jones was spotted walking down 12 Mile
in Berkley carrying a body.... or at least a human form. Care to explain that Suzanne?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

We meet Tuesday, March 10, from 7 to 9 pm at St. Columban
Church. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Use this half hour to sign in,
buy raffle tickets, socialize and catch up with your friends
before the meeting begins at 7 p.m.

Marilyn Grazioli from Ewe-nique Knits in Royal Oak will be
our guest speaker at the meeting. Marilyn will be talking about
blocking techniques. Come prepared to watch, learn and enjoy!
No supplies are necessary.

Remember to sign-in and to buy raffle tickets when you come in
at 6:30 There will also be a sheet to sign up for show and
share — let us see what you have been working on! As many people
will get to share as time allows.

Guests are welcome to come to 2 meetings to *try us on for size.*

Monday, March 2, 2009

"Pop goes the hero

Challenging the very idea of machismo, one purl at a time..."

Tanya found this wonderful article for us.

By the way, add Kim Thorsen to the birthday wishes list. Kim Whelen too!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

in like a lion & out like a LAMB

Happy March birthday to Suzanne Jones, Sue Waid, Julie Miller, Judith Davis, Kathleen Pawlic, Linda Dean & Camille Levi ~ a record number of Black Sheep celebrants.

did ewe know...

what was your first project & when?
Katy Race: a lovely alpaca garter knit scarf that my son still proudly wears

what was your most difficult project?
Katy: I try not to work on things that are too difficult. I like things
that can be easily finished.. need to see accomplishments to keep
going and I don't like UFOs.

what was/is your favorite project?
Katy: a new sweater vest I am working on now [1/09]. It has worked
up quickly, will be really warm, and people are asking for the pattern.

salty or sweet?
Katy: it's a tie ... I love BBQ potato chips & dark chocolate!

tell us something interesting about yourself..
Katy: I am currently a statistic, one of the many unemployed here in
Michigan, but also optimistic that good things will come.
[editors note: Katy just returned from Costa Rica]

aside from knitting, what are you passionate about?
Katy: I love to cook good food for family and friends... I cook from
scratch and love to plan dinner parties.

edited to add: Katy has a new job!