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Monday, November 30, 2009

Charity Knitting Update!

Hi, Tanya here. . .posting on behalf of Judith

We've already started to have some of the hats turned back in, and they look FABULOUS!!! Thank you so much for donating your time and skills. It's truly amazing to be a part of such a talented and generous group of knitters. Next time you're at a meeting or social knitting gathering, turn to your neighbor and tell them what a jewel they are. The items we've knit for charity have touched hundreds of lives. . .I can't begin to imagine the miles of yarn that has been donated, knit or crocheted and now warms the lives of others. Thank you seems so inadequate.

Just when we thought our charity knitting yarn stash was getting low, we received a HUGE donation of yarn and other goodies!! As you create for gifts this holiday season, consider knitting an extra hat, scarf or pair of mittens for the South Oakland Shelter. (Check out the link, they have need of many things you may be able to donate.) If you're in need of yarn, we've got you covered. Should you want another hat kit, please leave a comment here on the blog and we'll make sure to bring some extras to the next guild meeting.

Some of the things we were given needs someone special for it to be put to good use. Do you love to knit with fingering yarn? Have an idea for a project that can use it up and help others? We have a box full of it just waiting for you! Do you have a use for acrylic rug yarn? Maybe to join Ewe-nique Knits' project of knitting for the Royal Oak Animal Shelter? We have a box with your name on it! We have two afghans that just need seaming together. . .two wool sweaters just shy of completion. . .and LOTS of acrylic yarn. Please contact Judith or post a comment here if you think you can help us out. Seriously--Judith needs some knitters to take on these projects so she can find her spare bedroom again! It's THAT MUCH YARN!! As soon as items are knit, she washes them and donates them, so the sooner you knit it up, the sooner it helps others.

In the charity theme, put Tuesday, December 29 on your calendar. I'm not revealing all of the details now, but it will be a fun time you won't want to miss out on. No cost, skill building, social, fiber related. . .what more could you ask for? More details to come at the December guild meeting. Stay tuned!

One more reminder: If you're not on Ravelry, consider joining. It's free, and is a quick and easy way to communicate with other guild members--look for the Black Sheep Knitting Guild Group. There are hundreds of free patterns just ripe for charity knitting--do check it out!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

For Rebecca

and anyone else that is interested in joining us... you can come to our guild meeting [shown above] twice as a guest to get to know us. Or you can join us at a Panera for social knitting.

Friday, November 13, 2009

the yarn was flying

and so were Black Sheep as we enjoyed our mystery brown bag trade at the Guild meeting. Members chose new brown bags or stole one from another member... and re-stole and re-stole.....
I wish I had a video of the silliness!

Suzanne Jones presented the trunk show. She is so talented! Hats & bags & sweaters galore.... she is so talented.

Judith Davis, our charity coordinator, had hat kits for all to take home. Our focus this year is hats for kids; this is not to say she won't accept other items. So get busy knitting.

Charli Osborne, Suzanne Jones, Marguerite Winer, Merritt Collins and Kathy Pawlik provided this month's raffle items. We had a lot of happy winners: Donna Mrozek - cotton sock yarn, Kelly Kencik - 9 skeins ribbon yarn, Linda Dean - Heritage hand-dyed bulky yarn, Sue Waid - sweet summer sock kit, Heather Perrone - a book & yarn, Dawn Jenson - Upstairs shawl kit, Kelley Andersen - a book & cotton yarn, Diane Dininsky - a book & silk/wool yarn, Joyce Crabtree - Fleece Artist Thrum sock kit, Laurie Goodman - Free Formations book, Cecile Scott - quilted humbug bag, and Linda Lutomski - Happy Feet sock yarn.

After all that, we cast votes for our new V.P. and for by-law changes. Stay tuned for results.

Monday, November 2, 2009

it's November

and time to say Happy Birthday to Toni Loiacano, Barbara McAuliffe, Rita Perrone and Erika Proschkow. Tanya too, I believe, though she doesn't seem to want to tell us.

Welcome to our new members that joined us last month!... Kara Hamilton, Dawn Jensen, Joan LaForest, Ellen Rancilo, Adina Rubenstein, Cecile Scott and Marie Woodcox. I think that sets a record for new joins at one time!

Linda F