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Monday, November 28, 2016

November Guild Meeting

November Black Sheep Guild Meeting

 by Kathy Stasys

November is always an important month for the Guild members as it is the time that we vote for the new vice-president. And we did!

Unlike many previous years, this election had three women who put their names forward. Luckily, our process is far less contentious than the national election of 2016.  Thanks to Diane D., Vangie A., and Kate P. for their willingness to take on the VP position.

And no, you can't find out now who won. That big announcement comes at the December meeting.


November is also the month you find out who your friends are in the guild. Someone is likely to steal a great item right from under your nose. The Brown Bag Swap also proves that old adage about judging a book (or bag) by its cover. Many members brought in a knitting related item packaged in a brown bag to swap by a time honored lottery system. Of course, many members also stole someone else's bag if the contents appealed to them. That's when you learn who your friends are.


Happy Thanksgiving to all. Don't forget that that just the December meeting has been moved to the first Tuesday of the month.