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Monday, March 23, 2009

sister act

did ewe know that Barb McAuliffe & Linda Seley are sisters?

what was your first project? When?
Barb: a pink hat made under the guidance of my dear Aunt Eleanor when I was in third grade.
Linda: a Christmas present, in the 70s, for my boyfriend [now my husband]....7 feet long (not counting fringe). I believed the longer, the more you showed your love.

what was your most difficult project?
Barb: a lovely berry red sweater. It was my 2nd project & was made when I lived *down under*. I needed every bit of instruction from my Aussie mum, Olive Spenser.
Linda: after that scarf, I didn't pick up knitting again until about a year ago when I decided I wanted to learn to make socks. Going from a rectangle to socks was a challenge.... I wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of Black Sheep.

what was/is your favorite project?

Barb: making items for my grandaughters, Sabrina & Hannah. I've just started a couple of scarves with patterns that are more involved for me & I'm excited I understand the stitches I've knitted.
Linda:my favorite at any moment is the one on my needles at that time. Perhaps it's because I haven't knit that many things, or maybe because I enjoy thinking of the person who will receive it or the challenge of trying something new.

salty or sweet?
Barb: usually sweet but nuts are right up there....
Linda: do you have to choose? I prefer eating them together, such as having mixed nuts with a piece of chocolate. Guess that's why nutty M and Ms are my favorite candy.

tell us something interesting about yourself....
Barb: my husband and I lived in Australia for 4 years. We first went camping there.
Linda: I like traveling & exploring new places.

aside from knitting, what are you passionate about?
Barb: I love being outdorra.... it can be as simple as sitting by the pond at lunch, golfing, x-country skiing or being on a cruise ship.
Linda: I love being outside & being active. I especially enjoy hiking, biking & kayaking.

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