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Monday, July 9, 2007

Who's In?

I've had this fantastic idea for a post floating around in my head for awhile, but life has just been busy. I was actually shocked when I saw that it had been since May (MAY!) since there was any new info posted here. Sorry.

I thought I'd write long prose about how fantastic this Spring was for our Guild. I was going to write lovely things about my trip to Toronto. . .
How Fantastic our Retreat was. . .

(Honestly, it was TONS of fun. . .don't let this picture throw you off! Start saving your pennies for next year!)

Go on and on about how I loved the Stash Swap and Sale at our last meeting. . .(Sorry, I forgot my camera for this one, but trust me, we all enhanced our stashes while getting rid of some major amounts of yarn we didn't want.)

Talk about my knitting a top especially for Prom. . .(you'll have to imagine us not on our sides. . .and BOTH of these are hand knit tops, Gloria's was her first sweater!)
Share all of the wonderful things about the Shop Hop we went on in Lansing. . .
Have a finished "do-over" top to show you (now I'm just ripping it out all together, it's a long story. . .)

Brag a bit about all of the socks I've knit. . .I think I'm on 17 or 18 since January. . .
Tell you some things about my weekend at Insel Haus with Christa. . .
But honestly? All I want to do is work on this.

Kim sucked me in without even trying. . .Who else is in?

1 comment:

Kim said...

you are terribly easy to suck in!