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Monday, November 5, 2007

Charity Scarves

Previously the guild has donated 39 scarves to the South Oakland Shelter. I currently have 75 scarves that the guild has knitted, and again we will be donating all scarves to the SOS. Bringing us to a grand total of 114 scarves that have been donated this year. With the weather changing I along with our guild can only assume that they will be gratefully appreciated. This will be an on going charity throughout the year. Thank you to all the generous knitters and keep knitting!!!


Anonymous said...

Talked to a man who is into SOS, and he said men grab hats faster then scarfs. So lets knit hats and men type scarfs. The ones in the picture are wonderful. Good for us.

Anonymous said...

wow! us knitters are fab but lets thank judy for all the work of gathering, storing and taking them to sos. she works hard but i can see the joy in her face from doing something so usefull. we all love you judy. coralee

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...i cant believe i called judith, judy. please forgive me. you know i am 60 and a little crazy. coralee

Kim said...

YEAH!! WE ROCK!!! Thanks Judith :)