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Monday, March 19, 2007

Meeting Tuesday

Tomorrow's meeting begins at 7pm. We'll be at Anderson Middle School, but in the Home Ec room instead of the Media Center. (From the parking lot, walk to the end of the hallway and look to your left before turning right as you would to go to the Media Center--or just listen for the talking and laughing knitters. . .) Our program for the evening will be focusing on business. . .we've got some loose ends to catch before our fast growth pulls us in directions we don't want to go. Put on your thinking caps and be ready to participate by sharing your ideas of how to make our guild an even better place.

I've been asked by a few friends recently, "How do I join?" Just bring a check for $35 to the meeting and we'll help you out. . .and you too can participate in all of the fun we have in the works for this spring and summer!

We have 7 people registered for the retreat, don't forget to bring your deposit if you're interested in going. We have supply lists and details for those who are registered. If you're planning on going and want to take the workshops, pick up a copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop and one of Cat Bordhi's magical knitting books and you'll have most of your supplies ready to go.

Quite a few of us are planning the Yarn Harlot trip, see the previous post for details, and join us for a fun day! See her blog for details, but Stephanie is hoping knitters will "represent". Bring a hat to donate to a local shelter if you want to stand up and have knitters as a group be noticed by the "muggles" who don't seem to think we're a group to be taken seriously.

If you've recieved your new issue of Cast On magazine, turn to page 54 and check out the Lacy Brichoe Top and page 81 (in the advertising section). Kristin Omdahl, a local designer and Black Sheep guild member, has a both a pattern featured and stunning lace shawl in the Alpaca Yarn Company ad. Check out her website for more beautiful designs. Kristin is teaching a workshop at Skeins on Main at the end of March, hopefully we can get her to teach a mini-lesson for us at guild soon!

If you missed knitting at the Coffee Beanery lately, you may have missed this:

Greg seemed flattered that we'd remember him and pleased with our gift. What a beautiful afghan created by so many of our hands. My mom used to have a t-shirt that said, "I'm greater than the sum of all my parts" and when I look at this blanket, I think that may be true of us as well. We have so many talented knitters in our midst, but when all of our work is placed together, we create something even more beautiful than one of us could create on our own. I think about this afghan, our nearly 80 scarves and all of the people we taught at Knit Michigan. . .we are a powerful bunch.

With that in mind, Camille sent this to us. . .consider contribuiting your handiwork to the cause.

The Michigan's Women’s Foundation is having their 2007 Women of Achievement and Courage Awards ceremony on May 16, 2007 at the GM Wintergarden. The cost of the affair is $150.00, which may be a little steep, however we can still contribute to the evening by donating knitted articles for the silent auction. I suggest we compile a basket of knitted creations on behalf of the BSKG. This way we have an opportunity to be part of this wonderful event along with getting some recognition for the Guild.
Email blacksheepnewsletter@hotmail.com with any questions or suggestion.

See you tomorrow!


jeanna, coralee's daughter said...

On Friday Martha (you know, stewart) will have on felting spring sweaters....it looks like she is needle punching kids sweaters, there was a really cute fish one. she is on at ten oclock on channel 7.

jeanna, coralee's daughter said...

for those who missed it (ummm, me) i found the video from martha stewart's spring felted sweater segment. i was going to post the link, but it was weird and long. instead, go to www.marthastewart.com then click on the browse video library button toward the bottom. click the crafts link, and there is the felted spring sweater links! it was a very cute segment. all without knitting a stitch!

jeanna, coralee's daughter said...

are you guys tired of me yet? yesterday on martha she made needle felted chicks for easter (puleeeeze, the woman was selling them for $60 on her website...).
not interested in little animals, but what a neat way to make some matching buttons....?? the video is online, follow the previous comments directions for getting there!