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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

March and April Socks

I'm a month ahead on my New Year's Resolution. . .March and April socks are here! I'm working on a pair from my unfinished pile that are a grey and black lace pattern, but I don't like them too much. The leg is a bit tight for me, so they'll wind up being for Joanie. I've decided that when I finish them, I really can't call them my May socks, since they won't be for me--I don't think you can see it in the picture, but on the tan socks, I had to rip and re-start and didn't do it properly. Technically, I should have wound the already knitted yarn into a hank, soaked it in some wool wash and then hung it to dry. That would have taken the kinks out of the yarn and would have allowed my knitting to look smoother. Because these are more utilitarian, and less heirloom, I thought it wouldn't matter so much. In a something I cared about, I would certainly take the time to wash before re-knitting. The kinks in the yarn may effect gauge and that portion of your knitting would just not be "right". I figure these socks are going to be washed a lot and the stitches will wiggle their way into looking okay. . .and then they'll have holes in them, so I didn't spend the time.

Louise sent a list of her UFOs. . .she's not nearly as bad as I am, she only had around 20 on the list, but she's worked through a good portion of them. Unfortunately for her, she has quite a few large projects to complete that should take her well into next year. . .Louise, this is me taunting you. . .how 'bout no new projects 'till they're ALL done?

How about the rest of you? I know Sally has joined in, but afraid to post her UFO list. As you saw yesterday, she's made tremendous progress on her fair isle sweater. . .I'm waiting for pictures from Kim, she's working fast and furious on her Baby Albert (Einstein) sweaters. . .Who else has pictures to share? email them and I'll post them! We want show and tell!
No one has weighed in on the sweater question from this weekend. . .bummer.

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