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Saturday, February 24, 2007


Several of you have mentioned how shocked you are that I had 41 unfinished projects. Some of them were actually off the needles, but needed ends sewn in, or buttons, or zippers. . .you get the idea.

I've been mocked by Camille, who after looking at my neatly typed and categorized list called me "pathetic". Apparently she couldn't wrap her head around the idea that I had time to type up a list, but not to finish any of the 41 items on the list. . .

I appreciate Sharon's comments about learning to crochet. . .believe me, I've thought about it. It has been excruciatingly hard not to cast on. I've found that my reward for finishing things has been to cast on. . .I have beautiful sock yarn I bought on Tuesday just waiting for me to work with. . .a new favorite pattern for a neck warmer that only takes a couple of hours to complete. . .patterns calling to me from my book shelf. . .It's been hard not to break down and start something new. Lent is gonna be long this year.

I keep telling myself that when I have NO projects on needles, I'll be able to fly through each project one at a time, and then I'll REALLY look like a fast knitter when my attention is so focused. . .but I gotta finish the list. Here's my list of finished items so far. . .have you taken a count of your UFOs yet? The challenge is still out there. . .I'm waiting for pictures from all of you to encourage us all to clean up our lingering projects. . .

Finished Items—

  1. Felt-able Entrelac swatch
  2. Striped, felted bag
  3. Gloria's Brown bag
  4. Entrelac purse
  5. Orsetto Kids vest
  6. Green Einstein
  7. Multi Einstein
  8. Handspun shawl
  9. Modular charity scarf
  10. blue and white charity scarf
  11. 3 cupcakes
  12. washcloth
  13. Gloria's scarf
  14. Black Shrug
  15. Red/Pink/Grey socks

I originally counted the cupcakes individually. . .that means I've finished 17 things and my list has shrunk to only (ONLY!) 24 items. . .well, it IS progress. . .



Anonymous said...

Hi Tanya,
I'm impressed with all you have accomplished...I am not planning to cast on anything new but I want to finish my Fair Isle sweater before touching any of my other 21 projects on needles...too embarrassed to send a picture. You don't happen to have any chartreuse, lot 6913? the book was wrong about how much yarn to purchase...what a bummer...happy knitting...sally

kim said...

you go girl!! I say as I sit here in my beutiful new shawl, which I was so happy to see made it as a finished item. I'm sure that you will be casting on in no time! You do notice that I am not listing any completed items, that would be because I have not completed any! Oh well, at least I have not given in to the call of the Socks That Rock.(yet)

Tanya said...

Sally, I KNOW I have that color, but somehow or another I seem to have misplaced a fairly large bag of Jaimeson Spindrift. . .I'll look again tomorrow.

Joanie the smart a** has suggested that perhaps she's picked it up to knit with and is making me a surprise. . .very funny.

Chris said...

So happy I've completed knitting those bear baby booties I promised a new mom last December! Next, panda booties and lamb booties.