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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Baby, It's cold outside!

You'd think with all this cold weather, and having an extra two days off this weekend due to the frigid temperatures, I'd have the blog updated with the KnitMichigan info. Alas, I've spent my extra time catching up on sleep and knitting in front of the heating vents. (I feel like my cat.) I'll try to upload pictures soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to update you on some sale info courtesy of Kim, from Beaumont.

Beaumont is changing their inventory system and need to count and sticker every piece of merchandise in the store. In an effort to streamline this process, they're selling out as much as they can before the inventory, and before the new spring yarns come in. . .this means big savings for us! WhooHoo!! From now until the end of February, shop at Beaumont and save on the following yarns:

15% off all 100% wool yarns--this includes Cascade 220 and Manos! Can you believe it?
20% off all cashmere yarns--I think they carry Debbie Bliss and Queensland Himalaya, but don't quote me. . .
50% off assorted clearanced items--single balls of yarn and many kits including the Nicky Epstein felted bags from her book. The yarn in those kits is Jamieson, and is lovely to work with, even if you choose not to make the bag it was intended for.

Harriet? no excuse for not making it to this sale, you've gotten ample warning.

Random weblinks I've found that are interesting. . .
I get the email version of the Stitch and Bitch daily calendar and today the link sent me here. Check out the opera gloves and purple mountain socks. . .they're soooo cool! a previous week had me lurking here . . .and I'm copying the text from the calendar to tease you. . .if you like intarsia, you're going to go berserk!

"Welcome to Brigitte’s Knittingpage, where you can learn the tricks of making knits that kids of all ages will freak for. Click “Knitting patterns” and then “Click here for the contents of the knitting patterns” and you will enter a gold mine of knitting charts, including Disney characters, folks “known from TV” (from Ernie & Bert to Bart Simpson to the Powerpuff Girls, Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh...I could go on), comic-book characters, and even the Pok√©mon Posse. You can also find charts here for flags, all kinds of animals, soccer team logos, flowers, and suns and moons and musical notes, oh my! Whatever you’re looking for, it’s probably here. This site is one to flag. "

Enjoy! I promise, KnitMichigan is coming soon. . .


Kim said...

Thanks for the links, bookmarked those babies right away!

Jeanna (Coralee's kid) said...

thanks for all the friendly faces at Knit Michigan....Gryffon had a great time at the kids activities! Hopefully next year wont be so cold outside....

Ask Coralee about her new podcasts on her 3pm player (tee hee), I downloaded lots of knitting podcasts for her, including knitcast.com and pointysticks.org