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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Knit Michigan Pictures. . .Finally

Believe it, or not. Here they are. The camera seemed to take second place to all of the talking and knitting I was doing. I actually brought it to the class I taught (disappointingly poorly attended) but never bothered to take it out of my bag and take pictures with it. (I guess I thought it made a better paper weight at that time). Even more surprising to those of you who know her, is the fact that Joanie was at Knit Michigan, a camera was at Knit Michigan, and we only have a couple of pictures. Shocked? You should be. But in Joanie's defense, she was volunteering at the food area and running home to get supplies I forgot--bless her.

Judith's comment after the event was, and I paraphrase. . ."I felt so smart! I never knew I knew enough to teach someone! It was fun!"
Camille teaching a beginner. . .

Louise not only taught beginners, but later taught many guests and guild members some techniques they were interested in learning. It seems that many of the attendees KNEW how to knit. . .it was afterall, KNIT Michigan. . .and they wanted a quick mini-lesson on an interesting technique. Louise was the star of the day for that type of teaching.
I never got an actual count of how many people entered the room and took advantage of what we were teaching, but it seemed like we had a steady crowd. . .and we distributed around 200 flyers. . .we could be PACKED at our meeting on February 27!
Louise modeled our guild's charity focus by working on another scarf for SOS.
Coraleee teaches a teen how to crochet. . .
Judith works with a beginner. . .
I went to the Royal Oak Knitting Guild last night and three people mentioned that they had already read the posting I put up yesterday afternoon. Not that I'm letting this get to my head or anything, but it's sort of cool to know people actually read this! The more readers I know we have, the more I want to post. Maybe that's why at 4 am, when I should be sleeping, I'm posting to this blasted blog. . .say a novena for a snow day tomorrow, would you?
As you read, think about posting some comments. . .what kinds of things have you enjoyed? Do you want more pictures, more links, specific topics, posts from other members, lets make this OUR blog that reflects member desires. (And COMMENT! It's so cool to hear your responses!)


Kim said...

disappointingly, poorly attended class???? My dear friend, Tanya, any class that I am part of can never be described as poorly attended!!

Anonymous said...

why cant i get this thing to work