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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I always knew that the people who “flash their stash” online were a bit nuts. Who really wants others to see what they have purchased but haven’t used yet?

I thought Louise was crazy when she was stressing about not finishing her baby booties.

Sure, I’ve got some yarn.

Sure, I’ve got unfinished projects.

But c’mon. No new projects for 40 days? I didn’t think I’d have enough to do.

Hello, Kettle? You’re black.

Yes, this is my Easter basket. All of my unfinished projects are here. They include a bag, felted and just waiting for handles, a Baby Albert (Einstein) sweater waiting for seams and buttons, a finished sweater that needs to be made smaller, my Master Knitter projects and a whole bunch of other things I’d forgotten about. And Louise? I've got booties too. Forty-one projects in all. Yes, 41. Ouch.

Who else is in? Send me your pics and I’ll post them if you want. . .


Harriet said...

Hope this doesn't come up twice. I already typed a comment and seem to have lost it. Oh well..

I think your felted bag looks gorgeous and would love to see it when it's finished. It looks really large, about the size I'd like to make. Did you use a pattern or make it up as you went along?

I'll have to check my stash at home to see how many projects I have there. I sure hope I don't have as many as you. 8-)

You should start bringing some of them to the Beanery to work on, eh?
See you there.

Chris H. said...

You know, I could embarrass myself alot here, tanya! I'll count my current unfinished projects, too.

Anonymous said...

ash wednesday, I'm on my way to church, but i'm not giving up casting on anything. Lots of things started, but don't ask me to give up starting something new. noooooooooo
Sharon L. H.

Tanya said...

I've completed 7 items today and am closing in on number 8. I'm hoping to make it 10 before I go to bed tonight. Somehow knowing that I've completed 25% of my unfinished projects will make it all better. . .won't it?

Anonymous said...

One way to deal with unfinished projects, if it's less than 1/4th finished and given you no end of trouble, is to take it off the needles and ball up that yarn again. I think it's ok to cast on during lent, if it is to start a Prayer Shawl. Another way to get around this problem, is to start crocheting. Sharon L.H.