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Sunday, April 27, 2008

No WiFi at the Inn

More later, I promise! But since I've only been home 15 minutes and am missing the retreat already, I thought I'd post some pictures for those of you who missed out.
It was a serious weekend. We forced folks to get their pictures taken. . .especially Suzanne.

Lots of beautiful yarn was dyed. . .and I mean LOTS!!!

Oh yeah, and we laughed!


Harriet said...

I tried last night to leave a comment, but it didn't work. Let's see if it will now.

Anyway, I was happy and not really too surprised to see that Tanya put up some of the retreat pictures so soon after getting home last night. Let me tell you folks, this was nothing short of a blast! We had so much fun and learned so much. I'm gazing as often as I can at my own hand-dyed yarn and thinking of everyone else's yarn I saw. What a multitude of lovely, lovely colors.

Thank you again to all the BSKG'ers who made this past weekend possible. It was really incredible.

Harriet said...

By the way, how come I only count 19 of us in the group picture? Who's missing?

kpultzdesign said...

I think Judith was on Stacey's right--she seems to be cut off. Tanya, did it happen in posting or did Janet chop the photo?

It was wonderful! I want to see everyone's yarn again--maybe we should do a little display at the May meeting...

Judith said...

I had a fabulous time at the retreat. It was great to spend all that time with fiber people. Even when winding yarn there was a group helping. The Inn was a great space and it was nice to only be responsible for me for a change. Any time I don't have to cook or do dishes is good. I was not disappointed in anything. Kate, Tanya and Kim did a wonderful job. Organizing, planning and all the treats what an effort. I would have liked one more day or maybe that wouldn't be enough. Can't wait for next year. Thank you for everything Black Sheepers, Judith