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Sunday, April 13, 2008

An Honor to be Nominated

It has recently come to our attention that adults don't often get recognized for their accomplishments. As a society, we do a great job of noticing when our children do something wonderful and applaud their efforts. . .we want to groom our younger generation to be motivated to push boundaries and to achieve their highest potential.

So what happens when we become adults? Why don't we continue in the same vein? Why is it that no one applauds when we finish a really hard task? What happened to recognizing super human effort (say when you clean the really dirty bathroom that your kids use, for example)? We don't get report cards anymore to demonstrate to those who care about us what we've learned, and how well we've mastered what we've learned.

Some of us in the BSKG have noticed that our members are doing some pretty fantastic things, and we want to recognize them at our May banquet, swap and sale. We've come up with some ideas for awards, but want your input before we send out the survey. . .so, what do you think? What should we recognize and award? Here are some of the things we've come up with, add your thoughts to the comments. . .and look for a ballot/survey coming to your email by the end of the month. . .

First Socks Knitted
First Sweater Knitted
Most Improved Knitter
Most Enthusiastic
Most Helpful
Completion of an Epic Project
Most likely to Drop a Stitch (and then make it work anyway)

I know there are some of you that are far more creative than I am. . .what else should we recognize? shout it out in the comments!


Anonymous said...

How about most upbeat! Or most generous! -Kim t

kpultzdesign said...

Most memorable knitting story/adventure.

Best traveled knitting project.

Fearless knitter.

knitter said...

The epic project completion has got to be the big sheepy blanket we was at the April meeting

LindaLuFiber said...

There are so many talents and individual strengths, this sounds great. But what about the newer or more quiet participants who are teaching, helping and sharing...we will have to be really good about learning names to acknowledge such a large group of wonderful people who are accomplishing so much!

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LindaLuFiber said...

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