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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hat update

Knit Michigan is looming near. I feel lost if I don't have a chemo cap on the needles and the needles aren't with me. As of Tuesday night we have 49 chemo caps, as a guild. Not including mine. I think I am going to raise my goal to 40. Scary. We should be able to meet a 100 hat goal. I would like to turn them in at the end of our day at 3pm. We can lay them all out to be admired by all. We have good sign up and any one wanting to come in for an hour or so that isn't signed up is more than welcome.

We are going to host a Ravelry round up at Knit Michigan so talk about it alot and pass it on. No idea how many to expect. Could be huge this year.

I have a list of things to try to keep supplied this year. I am going to bring my large coffee maker, cream and sugar. Chris H. has offered to bring a coffee cake. If anyone has ideas or suggestions feel free to shout them out. Thank you to all who have offered help.
Hats are calling, Judith


LindaLuFiber said...

I have the decaf tea/ reg tea bags, instant coffee and decaf, creamora and sugar, cups, spoons and little plates and napkins for hospitality....want me to bring them?

Harriet said...

Think I'm already signed up to bring something to eat at Knit Michigan. Probably will make some kind of cookies so they will go farther.

Kathleen said...

I'm baking cookies too. I will be there at 9:00 to help you set up. Is there anything else you need?