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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Has anyone been cuddling up under their knitting these past few days? The socks I'm working on don't seem to be warming me too much, I'll need to get busy on a sweater or something larger!

We had a HUGE group at the Coffee Beanery last week, we keep growing and growing. I so enjoy everyone's friendly attitudes. When we were talking about our guild and comparing meeting locations, Judith mentioned how much she likes how we don't seem to have a clique of people who stick together. . .I agree! It seems like every time I turn around I'm learning something new about someone and finding a way to connect. You just have to love that!

Rumor has it that another group may be meeting at the Coffee Beanery during the daytime on Thursday or Friday. For those of you who can't always make it to knit with us in the evening, this may be a perfect way to get your social knitting fix! As I find out more, I'll post it here.

You've probably noticed the changes to the blog. . .more are coming! Kate has done some fabulous work designing a new logo. . .and it will be appearing soon on a blog near you! We've also planned to order some embroidered knitting totes. Details will be coming soon, so start saving your pennies!

Upcoming events:

Knit Michigan--February 2, 2008 We're nearly half-way to our goal of having 100 chemo caps to donate. . .keep up the good work!

Chelsea Spinner's Flock Fleece Fair
--February 16, 2008 Kim will have the details of this event for the next meeting, it's a bit of a drive, but great fun!

Secret Pal Bag swap--March-May 2008 Details will come at the March guild meeting, but start thinking if you'd like to swap a knitted bag with a guild pal. . .who better to appreciate your hand knitting than another knitter?

Dexter's Pioneer Crafts Art Fair--March 15, 2008 Again, details to come at a guild meeting soon!

2nd Annual Retreat
--April 25-27, 2008 At our January meeting, there were several who thought they might not be able to sign up in time before all of the spots were filled! There was a mad rush to register! We have all spots filled for the dyeing workshop, but have reserved extra space for others who want to join in on the fun and do a mystery knit-along or a shop hop. . .a $75 deposit is required to hold your spot by the February guild meeting. . .more fun than you can stand in one weekend! Check out The Hankerd Inn website for pictures! This is a great time to relax and connect with other guild members. . .and we have fabulous goodie bags planned for those who attend this year! You'll want to make sure you get one of these limited edition surprises!

Swap and Sale
--May Guild meeting. . .start to think about what you may want (or need) to destash! We'll also have dinner catered by the Coffee Beanery if you'd like to eat and shop all at once!

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Anonymous said...

Hello to all:

I for one would be very interested in meeting people at the Beanery (or anywhere for that matter) to knit during the a.m. hours as I have just recently started working afternoon shift. I'm not confined to any one day of the week, so let me know! I miss my fellow Tuesday night knitters -- chamel5@sbcglobal.net