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Monday, October 26, 2015

October 2015 BSKG Meeting

submitted by Kathy Stasys

One new member was welcomed to the flock. She has often joined us at the Tuesday night gatherings at Panera’s. These informal get togethers are a good way to get to know more of your fellow guild members. Come join us!

Judith D. Charity Committee, proudly showed the huge pile of knit men’s chemo caps people made and another big bag of caps knit for donation at the annual Stitch and Pitch. Good work everyone.

Two members were nominated for Vice President: Vangie A. and Tracey K. Elections will be held at the November meeting.

Raffle donations: Vangie A., Tanya T. and Katy K.  Winners: Merritt C., Barb C., Sarah T., Heather P., Pat K., Stacey T., Brenda D., Ernestine B. and Valerie K.

Members shared their Tips, Techniques, and Tools with the group. Great ideas!!

-      do not use Woolite or detergents to wash your knits. Use tepid, not cold water.
-      cure for the slipperiness of silk, sand the needles with a nail file, rub it with an eraser or run the needles through your hair!
-      alternates skeins along the side of the project if the colors do not match        perfectly.
-      knit in the back loop after ripping out a row.
-      color codes lace charts.
-      figure out how much yarn to use in a long tail cast on by wrapping the yarn   around the largest needle. Remove and measure the yarn adding a little extra for the tail.
-      to keep track of repeat patterns and your place while working a project. Copy each line on a separate card; flip the cards after each row is worked. Keep cards in a plastic baggie or rubber band together.
-      use swatches to learn new skills and check gauge.

-      instead of slipping a stitch on the side of the heel flap, do 3 garter stitches on either side of the flap, pick up the heel flap in the purl bump to leave a smoother edge.
-      when picking up stitches for the gusset of a sock, pick up the number of stitches required plus TWO (not one) in the space between the two needles (gusset instep). Then on the first round decrease one stitch on each gusset leaning toward the instep to prevent any gaps. Then decrease as written for remainder of gusset.
-      crochet version of the Chinese waitress cast-on for a smooth looking edge.
-      German Double Stitch Short Row technique was explained.

-      the yarn spinner, the THING, on one end crochet hook with pick on other end and cute little yarn swift.
-      using erasers from the Dollar Store as point protector
-      an old Mattel knitting toy makes great tubes for trims, straps, and headbands
-      Harriet A.’s 100 g skein chart to be invaluable. In lace weight 100 g equals 800 yards; fingering equals 800 yds.; sport equals 275 yds.; DK equals 230 yds.; worsted equals 210; Aran equals 190 yds.
-      stitch markers to know a project was made correctly. Put one in every decrease and increase and leave them until the work is finished.
-      A stitch marker at 25 stitch intervals when casting on lots of stitches.

Be sure to join us for the November meeting:  Election of vice-president. And the Brown Bag Swap. The rules are simple. Find something knitting related with a value of at least $10; choose something you would like yourself. Then pop it into a brown bag (or any bag). Decorate the bag or leave it plain and bring it to the November meeting.

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