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Monday, February 16, 2009

did ewe know...

that Rita Perrone & Heather Perrone are mother and daughter?

what was your first project & when?
Rita ~ I think my first project was a scarf for my then high school boyfriend.
Heather ~ an endless scarf when I was young.

what was/is your most difficult project?
Rita ~ the Corset Tank Top is certainly the most frustrating project. I startedit a number of times when I found a mistake I couldn't fix,
frogged & began again...
Heather ~ usually the project I'm currently working on

what was/is your favorite project?
Rita ~ I think the Fetchings I made as gifts this Christmas.
Heather ~ usually the project I'm currently working on

salty or sweet?
Rita ~ sweet of course. Chocolate rules.
Heather ~ yes.

tell us something interesting about yourself
Rita ~ I'm a mechanical engineer who loves to travel.
Heather ~ I took up spinning 10 or more years before I really started
to knit or crochet.

aside from knitting, what are you passionate about?
Rita ~ I'm an avid gardener, a crazy recycler and love Jazzercise and riding my bike.
Heather ~ My psycho cat & husband. Medieval recreation [Society for Creative Anachronism].


Tanya said...

so, is the husband psycho too? or is it just the psycho cat?

Also, isn't Heather up next for member trunk show? Rita's things last month were awesome!

Heather said...

The husband is psycho for a given value of psycho, he does like hitting people in the head with sticks. The cat however is definitely psycho (he will climb walls).

And yes I have a trunk show for March