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Monday, June 9, 2008

did ewe know......?

tell us about your first project
Kim T.: my first project was a purple 'fun fur' scarf - I thought I would see if I could remember the "knit" stitch from Girl Scouts - 2 1/2 years ago
Kim W.: a Lion brand 'Learn To Knit' kit in January, 2004

what was your most difficult project?
Kim T.: that's a hard one...I like to be challenged! My Coriolis socks gave me difficulty because I had a hard time navigating the book...
Kim W.: Mystery stole

what was/is your favorite project?
Kim T.: Whatever I am knitting at the moment!
Kim W.: any kind of socks or mittens

salty or sweet?
Kim T.: Definitely sweet!... chocolate croissants or cherry turnovers - almost forgot the Hagen-Das chocolate ice cream!
Kim W.: Both - but if pressed sweet always wins.

tell us something interesting about yourself
Kim T.: I've done lots of stupid stuff! Like the time I went to Guatemala with one of America's Most Wanted!
Kim W.: As an adult I lived in Texas for 3 years.
I played the flute all the way through School until my Senior Year

aside from knitting, what are you passionate about?
Kim T.: I am passionate about my son Christopher. I was very passionate about art - before knitting - painting watercolors and doing pastels. I also love to travel.
Kim W.:
soccor, hockey, and trashy novels

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