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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

Or so says my friend Roz.
These are my boots. You'll notice how nice and dry they are. They are truly the warmest, sturdiest boots I've owned in a long time. The keep my feet cozy, and I rarely slip and slide around when I'm wearing them due to the nice bumpy tread on the bottom. I heart these boots.
These are the shoes I wore to school. They are also the shoes I walked one mile home in during the snow storm at around 5pm when I left my student after his tutoring session.
These are my pants, and very wet wool socks (albeit handmade, wet Socks That Rock. . .but at this point, does it really matter how well made they are and how well they fit?) Do you notice how far up the puddles splashed when I thought I was walking on solid ground? Can you see the mud that splashed up when I was sliding across barely unfrozen muddy playing fields trying to avoid the ankle deep puddles of slush?
This is my head. You'll notice that there is no hat covering it. Not one of the many hand knit hats I have in my coat closet. Not even a polar fleece hat made years ago to keep me warm when skiing. Nope, not a store bought hat that is fashionable, but not really functional. Not even a chemo cap made by Judith for Knit Michigan.
Obviously, I need to be reminded exactly how quickly weather can change in Southeast Michigan.

So, plan ahead. . .well, even that doesn't work so well. I planned for a snow day today and it didn't happen. . .

Hopefully, your knitting is planned and swatched and moving forward as planned.

Send pictures of your UFO pile, or post a list to keep us all updated.

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