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Saturday, January 20, 2007


An Evening in Paris was great fun! Plenty of knitters were spotted out in public wearing fine handknits and creating new items of beauty. Not only were we surrounded by folks with similar interests, but we sat amidst gorgeous rugs. Joan fingered one before the concert and stated, "this is a single spun wool. . ." and began to wonder about the woven construction. . .only fiber addicts. . .Knitting, rugs, food, and MUSIC. The musicians were amazing. It was a perfect combination of sensory delight last night. My favorite part of the Detroit Chamber Winds and Strings performances are that they spend time educating their audience about what exactly it is that they're playing. Not only do they spend time teaching us about the instruments they play, they discuss the music and the composers. In the course of that brief education, the musicains spoke to their audience and tried to make connections between the knitting we were doing, and the way that the composition was written. The pianist (I forgot to grab a program, or I'd tell you her name) even wore a beautiful handknit shawl made from her dog's hair! Great fun. There was a good share of knitters in the audience, and when I purchased my tickets over the phone, the woman on the other end indicated that they had a good response, and maybe it would be come an annual event! Please say it's so!
At one point in the concert, knitters were asked how much progress they'd made. I'd bugged Joan for a consult before the concert, ripped and begain knitting again. Here's where I started(notice the band of light and dark blue at the top--I really thought it didn't work, but none of you agreed with me, and I kept second guessing myself. . .)
And Here's where I ended the concert. I like the small peeries and more angular rows. I've even knitted a few more sections this morning. I'll add pictures as I go if you're interested, just leave a comment to encourage me! I'm pleased with the changes, and am energized to begin knitting with renewed fervor, but it seems like two steps forward, three steps back. Anyone who was part of our knit-along that begain November 1 will realize I'm not very far. Should we plan another get together?


Anonymous said...

testing the comments piece. . .

Chris Hamel said...

Yes, it was a lovely evening, Tanya. When I find my program, I'll let you know who the pianist was.

I was so impressed that she used a drop spindle to spin the yarn and would knit w/ it as she made the yarn--three years in the making. Now, that's tenacious!