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Did someone say SHOPPING?

Our sponser for November was Gifted, the yarn shop inside Beaumont Hospital. Not only did they give us an incredibly generous gift for our raffle, they also provided us with a 10% off shopping day! Nearly half of our members were there and created a shopping frenzy. At least a few bought a kit for a felted purse that we can't wait to see! Get knitting, Kim and Judith! We want pictures STAT!

What makes Gifted so special? They carry a huge selection of Fleece Artist kits, Tanya had some socks at our last meeting that were made from a kit purchased at Gifted, and Chris found a kit she just had to call her own. Louise thinks they may just have every color of Manos that exists! And can you say BEE-YOOO-TI-FUL? I'm not sure the picture does it justice. There were patterns galore, displayed so nicely that you could hardly walk away from them. Kim and Judith got caught up in the sale area, where they got an ADDITIONAL mark down on the already discounted clearanced items. Judith picked out a kit to make some cute-as-can-be booties for kids she doesn't have, or know. . .if these make it to the charity pile, there will be some lucky babies in Oakland County. Tanya picked out some Schaefer yarn called "Miss Priss" and stood debating on the color,not for the colors themselves, but because of how they're named after influential women. Indira Gandhi? Toni Morrison? Gertrude Ederle? The choice was tough. Katy was there early, so we can't brag about what she bought, but Katy, if you're looking for the pattern you left behind, Louise has it. And do tell us what you found! Coralee got caught IN a picture for once instead of behind the camera.
I'm not sure if it was the discount, the fun of shopping with friends, or a true illness, but some stash enhancement happened for all of us! What a great day!


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Happy New Year!

Our first meeting of 2019 was very busy. We said goodbye and thank you to our former president, Kate, and introduced our new president, Merritt, along with our new Vice President, Barb.

Merritt welcomed our guests and then members shared any new finished projects. The skill level and talent in our guild is very impressive!

Order forms for new BSKG t-shirts were handed out. Remember to turn your order in by January 31.

We kicked off the Sneaky Sheep project. It’s a bit challenging but will be fun. Kim W. presented on how to design your own hat pattern. She had several great resources and handouts to help us get started. At our February meeting bring in your design to participate in the exchange.

The make-n-take was natural moth repellent sachets. We filled small muslin bags with rosemary, lavender and a bay leaf. The room smelled like a spa! Handouts were provided for anyone interested in knitting a bag for their sachet using the double knitting technique.


Sorry for the screaming, but it's 5 am and I've been up knitting for awhile. Joanie and the neighbors surely wouldn't appreciate the volume I've pent up, so you get to hear me rant.

I was unable to sleep well and woke up far earlier than my usual "I can't sleep early mornings"--I found out I have no brake lights when Joanie followed me home from the Coffee Beanery last night. I had big plans with a 6 year old this morning that are going to have to be rescheduled so I can resolve the safety issues, so I'm a bit upset. Wondering how a well planned day is going to be messed up can really screw with your sleep schedule, you know?

What does a knitter do when upset? KNIT!

I picked up my Pi shawl and began working on the edging, hoping to get it finished today. I was peacefully listening to some podcasts and making REALLY good progress. A few minutes ago, I picked it up and I could actually see the light at the end of the tunnel! I counted the stitches an…

Brown Bag Gift Exchange

At our December guild meeting we had a trunk show by a few of our new members. Thanks for sharing!

We also had a show and share of any projects knit from the last retreat swag.

The fun began when we had our annual Brown Bag Swap! Participants brought in a gift in a bag and got a chance to pick a bag or steal a bag when their number was called. The items that got the most "oohs" and "aahs" were of course also the ones that got stolen the most. There were cute lambs, lovely yarn, stitch markers, and a lot of other goodies!

Julia delivered the pies that were ordered from Achatz. Thanks, Julia!