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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

November Meeting

At my best count, and without looking at official records, our membership has blossomed to 18 members in just two meetings. With little publicity for the first meeting and our second meeting being days before a major holiday, I think we're doing just fine! Our leadership team thought that we'd be successful if we'd gained 15 members by the end of the year, but were hoping for 25. It looks like we're on target for that. Spread the word! The more the merrier! And truthfully, the more members, the more inspiration for us!

If you missed the meeting, here's what we talked about:
  • December meeting--will be held December 19. Bring a plate of cookies to share and we'll swap the leftovers cookie exchange-style to take home for our loved ones.

  • Charity Knitting--We'll pass out some donated acrylic yarn for an early charity kick off. Judith has some local shelters in mind and we'll provide you with some inspiration to make some scarves or hats. This is a great way to practice new stitch patterns or to have a simple project on hand for social knitting (where I for one, often am distracted by conversation and have trouble concentrating on mor complex patterns). We encourage everyone to make a pledge of at least one item for charity, but hope for much more. Judith, our charity coordinator, will arrange for drop off of our goodies before the cold weather is over, but remember, this is a year long committment. The exec board is dreaming up some prize categories for those who finish at least one item for our February meeting. . .more to come on that!

  • Show and Share--Hopefully some of the pictures taken by Coralee will be uploaded soon and you can see some of the beautiful things we're working on. Several felted bags were shared, a Christmas stocking, and a cute-as-can-be start to a baby dress were among the highlights.

  • Project of the month--Tanya taught us how to make mini-mittens, a pattern written and donated by Margaret Radcliff, perfect for ornaments, package decorations or bookmarks. For some of us, the first few sitches on double point needles made us want to give up, but we perservered! Almost everyone had at least the hand part of a mitten completed in about 45 minutes--Whoo Hoo! I overheard a couple of folks saying that they were thinking about making socks or wanted to make real mittens now that the scariness factor was removed from double point needles. Gotta love that!

  • Raffle--Barb won. While I'm happy for her, what a bummer for the rest of us! Gifted (located inside Beaumont Hospital) donated a felted flower pattern by Noni as well as the yarn and needles to make it, a silk bag, note cards and a sweater keychain. Gifted has also donated a special shopping day for guild members. Bring your membership cards and shop there on December 2 for a 10% off discount.
Hopefully, I'll learn to edit links soon and add some pictures, so this will be a fun way for us to stay connected between meetings. If you're missing us, join us at the Coffee Beanery for knitting fun every Tuesday.

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coralee said...

looks great girls! looks like a wonderful year of knitting for ourselves, friends, relatives and charity. loved the nov meeting. pic on the way...enjoy coralee