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Sneaky Sheep!!

Tanya Thomann & kim Whelan
February 04 2017     *Must sign up on Elfster Check your email!!*  

Feb 13,2017 Pattern for the SS has been emailed! 

Here is the link!!
Names will be drawn:
February 05 2017

April 11 2017 - 7:00 PM  during the April meeting

This exchange will stretch your skills, but hopefully not your budget. It is important to think about the likes and dislikes of your partner when choosing your yarn. It is very likely that you can work from stash, but you'll want to use yarn store quality yarn for your work. Think about how the color you pick will look on your partner and what type of gift you'd like to receive yourself. For now, we can ask each other questions to get to know one another, to learn what yarns people like to use, and start thinking about our own stash yarns to see if there is something that can be used. Directions for knitting will be coming soon. . .keep an eye on your email!

USD $50.00
BSKG Guild Meeting

BSKG Sneaky Sheep Swap 2017

Choose Your Own Adventure Cowl Exchange
Some of us are of the age where we remember reading books that would ask us to make a choice
at the bottom of a page, and the choice we made would have us turning not to the next page of
the book, but to a page somewhere in the middle of the book. Each choice we made as we read
would take us to a different outcome, and we could read the book over and over again--each time
choosing differently to see how the protagonist would fare with our different choices.
This year’s Sneaky Sheep exchange is a little like those books. The directions that follow will
allow you to make choices, safe, trusted choices. With each choice that you make, your outcome
will change slightly. You may find that this set of guidelines will lead you toward many, many
different cowls over the next few months and years. Together, we’ll be creating our own
adventures. Each unique to the knitter and recipient, and yet tied together with our journey
through the adventure together.

What you should know from the onset:

The directions are written for worsted weight yarn, and complexity varies with each stitch
pattern. We’ve taken time to choose patterns that are accessible for new, beginning knitters as
well as some that are more complex and will keep an advanced knitter engaged. You get to
choose the yarn, the color and the stitch pattern that will show off your skills the best, and will
match the desires of your recipient. Plenty of flexibility, while still guiding us each along. No
need to fear the choices, we’ve done the math for you.
If you’re short on time or on budget, you can make the small, circular cowl or the buttoned cowl
with about one skein of yarn. Feeling a bit more love for your recipient? Choose the infinity
version and you’ll be able to make good use of two or more skeins. Please keep in mind that
your fellow guild member will be expecting local yarn store quality yarn, but choosing from
stash can keep costs to a minimum. Buttons will be needed for the buttoned version, so keep that
in mind when making your choices, five, .75” buttons should serve you well.

Gauge and needle size:

Yes, dear knitter, you’ll need to do some swatching if you want this to turn out in the size it is
written. Choose yarn and needles that will take you to 18 stitches x 24 rows over 4 inches. (I
know, I know, it’s a cowl. Size isn’t critical. . .but to show the stitch patterns properly and to
ensure you have enough yarn to complete the cowl, you’ll need to take time to save time. Get
gauge. You’ll be happier.)

I’m not feeling it:

If you have your heart set on using a different weight of yarn, or you don’t like the stitch patterns
we choose, don’t worry. We will provide some guidelines within the adventure to help you
create something truly unique. This is a one size fits most guidebook, those of you who have
more confidence veering off the beaten path can feel free to stretch your skills as you desire. We
hope that in providing a bit more structure to the expectations of both knitter and recipient, that
we engage more participants. Don’t feel restricted by what we’ve selected if you have a brilliant
idea that you want to explore on your own.

Check your BSKG email to sign up for the swap.

Oh! Almost forgot!

Part of the adventure will be in creating the BSKG version of a church cookbook. We’ll provide
the recipe, we’ll provide a few questions for you to answer along the way, but you’ll be the one
providing the secret ingredients and “designing” the cowl. At the end of the exchange, we’ll
collect your answers and take photos of your knitting and we will hand over to everyone in the
exchange a copy of our work. Next time you need a gift for a friend, you’ll be able to refer to
this reference booklet and choose just the right cowl to knit for the person you love.
Approximate finished dimensions:
Buttoned Cowl 25” circumference
Small Cowl 24” circumference
Infinity Cowl 45.3” circumference

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